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Sorry, we do not have any parking lots available.

Top Hotels Near YYC with Long Term Parking Packages

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Airport Calgary
Excellent(5, 2 Reviews)
2.0 miles from YYC
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

Situated on the southern side of the Calgary International Airport, the Holiday Inn Express Airport Calgary puts you nearby to the unique sights and sounds of one of Canada's most dynamic western cities, Calgary Alberta. ... read more

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary Airport Trail NE
Excellent(4.6, 19 Reviews)
1.9 miles from YYC
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

Located just minutes from the Calgary Airport, the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Calgary Airport Trail NE is a great option for travelers looking to start their trip off on the right foot. Guests with a ParkSleepFly reser... read more

Hotel Clique
Excellent(4.7, 57 Reviews)
1.8 miles from YYC
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

Located just a couple of miles from Calgary Airport, Hotel Clique provides a fun and comfortable hotel experience that'll satisfy any guest. Extended parking and airport shuttle service are just a few of many complimentary... read more

Best Western Premier Freeport Inn & Suites
Excellent(4.7, 36 Reviews)
1.9 miles from YYC
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

The Best Western Premier Freeport Inn & Suites is an excellent option for those wishing to spend the night in Calgary, and for travelers, it's just 3 kilometers from the Calgary International Airport. Guest rooms are fu... read more

Holiday Inn & Suites Calgary Airport North
Great(4.2, 66 Reviews)
1.9 miles from YYC
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

The Holiday Inn & Suites Calgary Airport North offers a memorable hotel experience for any traveler flying out of Calgary International Airport. Amenities provided by the Holiday Inn & Suites Calgary Airport North includ... read more

Calgary (YYC) Airport Guide

ParkSleepFly.com eliminates the hassles of long-term airport parking by offering you easy and convenient options for the Calgary Airport. No more worrying about finding the right YYC Airport parking space or paying exorbitant fees for the storage of your vehicle. If your plans end up changing cancellations are free too, so the whole process is stress-free.

We also offer inclusive Park Sleep Fly package deals which not only includes Calgary Airport parking, but a night at a nearby hotel and shuttle transportation to your terminal. Be sure to check out our user-friendly website for specific services and the cheapest rates around. We're here to deal with YYC parking and everything it entails so that you can get back to what's genuinely important in your travel plans.

What You'll Find at Calgary Airport

Calgary is a single-terminal airport that connects three concourses. We like that many travelers from across the globe have specifically cited Calgary as an airport that promotes a feeling of wellness and safety, especially for passengers who may need to stay overnight. Calgary is also notable for offering plenty of comfortable seating options to relax or perhaps even to sleep. Many of the chairs or benches scattered throughout are padded. The airport offers free and unlimited WiFi as well. A decent variety of shops and dining options are available, although most are standard. Economy class passengers can utilize any of the lounge areas to rest and relax, for a small fee. Calgary even has showers available.

What You Won't Find

Although there are plenty of areas where you could conceivably get a night of shuteye, the airport is not necessarily the quietest or dimmest for overnight passengers. The plethora of services offered here is a bit of two-edged sword; great variety during the day can turn into a nuisance at night. We recommend a good sleep mask coupled with earplugs for the best experience. As we touched on, there are some good places to grab a bite, but nothing particularly outstanding or noteworthy. We do like that some establishments operate at all hours for the benefit of red-eye passengers. Given this and the host of other benefits we'll go through, not a lot of downsides here.

Entertainment and Dining

There are actually so many things to do and see at Calgary Airport that we really can't list them all here. Some of our favorite dining establishments are naturally the ones that provide 24-hour service; A&W and Tim Horton's will provide standard but suitable fare.

In terms of entertainment or relaxation, you can choose from shops like the 24-hour Mac's Convenience, or Duty-Free options. There's an arcade in multiple locations, an area for massages, pet relief, and even a spa. For more serious matters you have access to a currency exchange, medical services, and a pharmacy. Children and adults alike will certainly enjoy learning about the outer reaches at the Calgary Spaceport.

Humble Beginnings

Calgary began life as merely a small hut with a tiny strip of land for a runway--this area served in a dual role as hangar and terminal building if you can believe it.

This was in 1914, and in 1940, the airport and its facilities were conscripted into the war effort. It remained in this state until 1949, at which time the government finally returned it to the city, and back to its commercial use roots. The city quickly built a new terminal to accommodate for increased foot traffic, but that terminal became obsolete just as quickly once the so-called "jet age" arrived a few years later.

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