Why book Park, Sleep, Fly? Reasons to choose an airport hotel

Airport hotel at night

Traveling can be exhilarating, but navigating airport logistics often adds a layer of stress. Early morning wake-up calls, expensive parking fees, and the scramble to catch a shuttle can leave you feeling frazzled before your trip even begins. But what if there was a way to streamline the process, ensuring a relaxed and enjoyable start to your journey?

Have you ever thought of booking a park, sleep, fly package? It’s one way of improving your journey and is becoming ever more popular Ok, we may be biased because that’s what we do, but believe us, it really is a brilliant idea.

There’s a whole bunch of reasons to choose an airport hotel which we go into below. So, if you’ve been thinking that you’d like to try but weren’t quite sure then let’s see if we can help you make up your mind.

Reasons to Book Park Sleep Fly Before You Travel

We’ve listed the top 10 reasons to stay at an airport hotel before (and also after) your flight…

  1. Avoid the Traffic
  2. It’s Better for Families
  3. Recharge Before Airport Arrival
  4. Beat any Weather Inconveniences
  5. Nationwide Availability
  6. Competitive Rates
  7. Free Extended Parking
  8. Unwind and Enjoy the Hotel Amenities
  9. Sleep in and Skip the Morning Stress
  10. Travel Made Easy

ParkSleepFly.com is your one-stop shop for a smarter travel experience. Our innovative platform offers a winning combination of convenience, value, and peace of mind.

Intrigued? Read on to discover why we would love to be your go-to travel partner and help you transform your next trip from a logistical struggle into a streamlined adventure.

Avoid the Traffic

Avoid the travel time’s #1 challenge: the traffic jam or snarl on flight day. Many travelers can tell you stories about “just” making their flight or even more frustrating – watching it take off without them! Traffic jams and snarls happen often, especially on the way to the airport. Avoid this frustration and confusion by planning ahead and booking a park, sleep, fly package.

You can drive to the hotel when it suits you, and during off-peak hours the traffic is sure to be lighter than in the early morning rush-hour. You’ll stay overnight at an airport hotel and take a complimentary airport shuttle the next day to the airport. You’ll be at the airport in minutes – instead of spending hours in traffic!

It’s Better for Families

Choosing a park, sleep & fly package is ideal for families with children because you can keep them on their regular schedule. Let’s face it – no one enjoys a long travel day. This is especially true when it comes to little ones who wait and then travel and then wait some more, travel some more. Their travel day can be 12 or even 16 hours long!

With a park and fly package you stay overnight in an airport hotel and wake up at your regular time, not in the pre-dawn hours to get your flight. This is a great convenience for every family, making travel stress and hassle free.

Recharge Before Airport Arrival

Travel to the airport the day before your flight at the time most convenient for you and your family. Park your car in off airport parking and check in to your airport hotel. Spend the night enjoying the generous amenities at your airport hotel and comfortable surroundings.

Instead of getting up in the pre-dawn hours to catch the flight, only to get caught in traffic, you will get up at your regular time and take the complimentary shuttle bus which will have you at the airport in minutes! Can’t you feel your traveling stress levels lower as we talk about it? We thought so!

Beat any Weather Inconveniences

Many travelers have concerns about bad weather when they travel. A summer thunderstorm, tornado or other types of weather can wreak havoc on your travel plans. A park, sleep, fly package makes traveling so much easier.

No… we can’t change the weather. But you’ll be at the airport on time and ready for your flight. If there are any changes to your flight, you’ll be at the airport and ready to manage new tickets or a new flight in a few hours… not still outside fighting with Mother Nature.

Nationwide Availability

There is a huge variety of packages available across all major US airports which brings convenience and potential savings to travelers. With locations scattered across the country, you’ll always find a park and fly hotel near your departure airport. This eliminates the hassle of searching for separate parking and accommodation, and potentially saves money by bundling them together.

You can relax at the airport hotel the night before your flight, avoid early morning commutes, and enjoy a shuttle ride directly to the airport, all streamlined through one travel package.

Competitive Rates

Convenience is key when you’re traveling but so are competitive rates and packages need to be very price conscious for savvy travelers. You might be surprised to discover that a hotel stay combined with airport parking is often comparable in price to just airport parking for your family vacation or business trip – plus consider the added value you’re getting!

Free Extended Parking

For the price of extended airport parking, you get a comfortable hotel room to relax in before your flight, and a convenient shuttle ride right to your terminal. Plus, extended parking options let you ditch the stress of airport parking hassles.

Park your car at secure facilities for 7 to 14 days – you can leave whenever you want and arrive back at your own pace.

Unlike airport lots with limited hours, airport hotel parking offers the flexibility to come and go as needed, entirely on your schedule. And the best part? This extended parking is completely FREE with any ParkSleepFly.com package!

Unwind and Enjoy the Hotel Amenities

The idea of park, stay and fly isn’t just about convenience – it’s about enhancing your entire travel experience. After a comfortable night’s sleep in your hotel room, you can take advantage of the variety of amenities offered by airport hotels, ensuring you’re refreshed and ready to fly.

Enjoy complimentary WiFi while eating a continental breakfast in a relaxing restaurant – without the hustle and bustle of passengers whizzing past as you sip your coffee.

Sleep in and Skip the Morning Stress

Don’t wake everyone up before the rooster’s crow. Getting everyone up when it’s still dark to get that mid-morning flight is a real hassle. With a park, sleep, fly package you can likely get up at your regular time and still catch your flight. Forget the pre-dawn scramble to the airport!

Travel Made Easy

Traveling with family can sometimes feel more like a logistical nightmare than an exciting adventure. Make life, and your travel experience that much easier by giving yourself plenty of time before you depart.

A park, sleep, fly package makes travel more enjoyable and fun for the whole family. So much so, that everyone will be ready for the next trip, even before this one is over!

Imagine excited chatter about future destinations instead of the usual travel woes.

Has that given you enough reasons to book an airport hotel? If so, why not book your ParkSleepFly.com package today – you’re sure to find one that suits your needs as well as your budget – and let the fun begin!

Happy Travels!

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Discover Boston’s Best Restaurants: 12 Top Dining Spots

Boston restaurants are a must-try when visiting the city, along with its fascinating historic sites and attractions. Whether you’re here for a brief layover or a full vacation, the culinary scene is an essential experience.

So, while you’re enjoying the sights, make sure to treat yourself to some of the best dishes the city has to offer; whether it’s seafood or a French treat, our curated list has you covered.

1. Shojo Boston

Korean Food Bibimbap with Kimchi

Yelp rating: 3.9/5

Located in the heart of Chinatown, Shojo Boston is a modern Asian fusion restaurant that masterfully combines bold flavors with creative presentations. Since its opening, this Boston restaurant has become a local favorite for those seeking an adventurous dining experience.

With a focus on small plates and innovative cocktails, Shojo is the perfect place for you if you love to share and sample a variety of dishes in one meal.


Historic Chinatown
9A Tyler Street
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

The menu features innovative dishes like Pork Belly Bao, Kimchi Fried Rice, and their signature Shojonator burger. Don’t miss their inventive cocktails, such as the Oh My Mai.


Shojo’s vibrant atmosphere, with its eclectic decor and street art-inspired interiors, makes it a popular spot for both locals and visitors looking for a lively dining experience.

2. Mamma Maria

Lobster Italian Pasta

Yelp rating: 4.3/5

Nestled in the charming North End, Mamma Maria offers an authentic Italian dining experience with a touch of elegance. This restaurant has been a staple in the Italian Boston restaurants scene for decades, beloved for its commitment to traditional cooking techniques.

Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or simply enjoying a night out, Mamma Maria’s warm hospitality and exquisite cuisine make every meal memorable.


3 N Square
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

The menu boasts classic Italian dishes like Burrata al Tartuffo, Lobster Agnolotti Pasta, and a variety of fresh pasta and seafood options. The wine list features an impressive selection of Italian wines.


The intimate and cozy setting, complete with white tablecloths and candlelight, provides a romantic and upscale dining experience, perfect for a special night out.

3. Saltie Girl

seafood in white ceramic bowl

Yelp rating: 4.2/5

Saltie Girl, located in the Back Bay, is a seafood lover’s paradise known for its fresh and innovative seafood dishes. This chic eatery specializes in presenting seafood in unique and delightful ways, from raw bar selections to elaborate prepared dishes.

With a menu that changes seasonally, diners can always expect something new and exciting at Saltie Girl.


297 Dartmouth St
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

Standout items include the Clam Chowder, Fried Lobster & Waffles, and an extensive raw bar. Their tinned seafood offerings are also a unique highlight.


The chic, nautical-themed decor and relaxed vibe make Saltie Girl one of the best restaurants in Boston for a casual yet refined meal.

4. Toro

Shrimp Dish with Sliced Lemon and Dill Garnish

Yelp rating: 4.2/5

Toro, a Boston restaurant situated in the South End, is a Spanish tapas bar that brings the flavors of Barcelona to Boston. Co-owned by renowned chefs Ken Oringer and Jamie Bissonnette, Toro has earned a reputation for its authentic and inventive take on Spanish cuisine.

Whether you’re enjoying a leisurely lunch or a lively dinner with friends, Toro’s vibrant atmosphere and dishes make for a great dining experience.


1704 Washington St
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

Must-try dishes include the Jamón Serrano (Serrano ham), Gambas al Ajillo (garlic shrimp), and a variety of traditional and modern tapas. The Paella Valenciana is a crowd favorite.


With its warm, rustic interiors and lively atmosphere, Toro provides an authentic Spanish dining experience that encourages sharing and socializing.

5. Ocean Prime

Crab cakes

Yelp rating: 4.1/5

Ocean Prime, located in the Seaport District, is a sophisticated Boston restaurant offering a luxurious dining experience centered around seafood. Part of a nationally acclaimed chain, Ocean Prime in Boston is known for its impeccable service and high-quality fare.

Perfect for business dinners, romantic evenings, or celebratory gatherings, Ocean Prime delivers a consistently exceptional experience.


140 Seaport Blvd
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

Indulge in dishes like the Jumbo Lump Crab Cake, Shrimp Sauté, and a selection of sushi. Their handcrafted cocktails and extensive wine list complement the menu perfectly.


The sleek, modern decor and waterfront views create an upscale yet comfortable setting, ideal for both business dinners and special occasions.

6. Bistro du Midi

plate of food

Yelp rating: 4.0/5

Overlooking the Public Garden, Bistro du Midi brings the flavors of Southern France to Boston with its seasonal and locally sourced menu. Since opening its doors, this Boston restaurant has become synonymous with refined French dining in the city.

With an emphasis on fresh, high-quality ingredients, Bistro du Midi offers a culinary experience that is both elegant and approachable.


272 Boylston St
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

Enjoy dishes such as Bouillabaisse du Midi, Duck Breast, and Filet Mignon. The brunch menu, featuring items like Croque Madame and Truffle Flatbreads, is also a must try.


The elegant and airy dining rooms, along with outdoor seating offering garden views, make this one of the best Boston restaurants offering a serene and sophisticated dining environment.

7. SRV

risotto on white ceramic plate

Yelp rating: 4.4/5

SRV, which stands for Serene Republic of Venice, is a Venetian-inspired bacaro located in the South End. Known for its focus on small plates and handmade pastas, SRV offers a dining experience that celebrates the rich culinary traditions of Venice.

With a menu designed for sharing, this restaurant in Boston is perfect for those who love to explore different flavors and textures in one meal.


569 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

The menu focuses on cicchetti (small plates), fresh pasta, and risotto made from house-milled rice. Standouts include the Stuffed Paccheri and the Gnocchi.


The stylish, rustic decor and warm lighting create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for enjoying a leisurely meal with friends or family.

8. Yvonne’s

Steak Dinner for Two

Yelp rating: 4.1/5

Yvonne’s, a contemporary version of a supper club, is located in the heart of Downtown Crossing. This hidden gem combines old-world charm with contemporary flair, offering a unique dining and nightlife experience.

Yvonne’s menu features an eclectic mix of global influences, with dishes designed for sharing and socializing.


2 Winter Pl
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

The eclectic menu includes dishes like Moroccan Lamb Belly, Coconut Rock Shrimp, and a variety of sharable plates. The cocktail program is equally impressive.


The glamorous, speakeasy vibe, complete with plush seating and vintage decor, makes Yvonne’s a go-to spot for a chic night out.

9. Mistral

Salmon, goldfish meal with caviar and vegetables

Yelp rating: 4.2/5

Mistral, situated in the South End, offers French-Mediterranean cuisine in a sophisticated setting. For over two decades, Mistral has been a cornerstone of Boston’s fine dining scene, known for its elegant dishes and impeccable service.

Whether you’re dining for business or pleasure, Mistral delivers excellence on every plate.


223 Columbus Ave
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

Signature dishes at this restaurant in Boston include the Grilled Faro Island Salmon, Maine Crab Ravioli, and a variety of pizza. The dessert menu, featuring items like Profiteroles, is also a must-try.


The elegant decor, with high ceilings and tall windows, creates a bright and airy atmosphere that is both upscale and inviting.

10. Bostonia Public House

Spaghetti Bolognese on white ceramic plate

Yelp rating: 4.2/5

Bostonia Public House, located in the Financial District, blends history and modernity in its approach to American cuisine. Housed in a historic building, the restaurant pays homage to Boston’s past while offering contemporary comfort food that appeals to a wide range of tastes.

Bostonia Public House is ideal for any occasion, from casual brunches to celebratory dinners.


131 State St
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

The menu features hearty dishes like Lobster Mac & Cheese, Spicy Beef & Pork Bolognese, and a selection of fresh seafood. The brunch offerings are also popular.


The historic building, combined with modern touches, provides a warm and welcoming atmosphere perfect for any meal of the day.

11. Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse

A steak plate with salt at an Italian restaurant

Yelp rating: 4.0/5

Davio’s Northern Italian Steakhouse, with its flagship location in Back Bay, offers a blend of Northern Italian cuisine and classic steakhouse fare. This upscale restaurant is renowned for its top-notch service, elegant setting, and high-quality dishes.

With a focus on traditional Italian cooking and top-tier ingredients, Davio’s provides a dining experience that is both luxurious and comforting.


75 Arlington St
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

The menu includes a range of steaks, handmade pasta, and seafood dishes. Highlights include the Atlantic Salmon and the signature Prime Aged Steaks.


The elegant, yet comfortable setting with an open kitchen and spacious dining room provides a refined dining experience suitable for both casual and special occasions.

12. Boston Sail Loft

Bowl of seafood

Yelp rating: 4.3/5

Last but not least on our list of the best Boston restaurants is Boston Sail Loft. Located on the waterfront, it’s a casual seafood restaurant known for its generous portions and picturesque harbor views. Established as a beloved spot for both locals and visitors, look forward to a New England dining experience.

Whether you’re stopping in for a quick lunch or a relaxed dinner, Boston Sail Loft’s welcoming atmosphere and delicious fare make it a must-visit destination.


80 Atlantic Ave
Boston, MA

Menu Highlights:

Popular dishes include the Cajun Broiled Seafood Combo, New England Lobster Roll, and the Grilled Swordfish Sandwich. The hearty seafood platters are perfect for sharing, and the menu also features fresh, daily specials that highlight the catch of the day.


The laid-back, nautical-themed setting with outdoor seating makes it a great spot to enjoy a meal while taking in the scenic views of Boston Harbor. The casual and friendly vibe ensures that every visit feels like a relaxing retreat by the sea.

No matter your tastes, Boston restaurants offer a diverse array of dining options that cater to every palette. From upscale steakhouses and elegant French bistros to cozy Italian eateries and vibrant seafood joints, the city’s restaurant scene is first class.

Planning a trip from BOS Airport? Save yourself the stress and hassle by booking a Boston Airport hotel with free parking and shuttle service. Additionally, find even more things to do by checking out our Boston travel guide.

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Global Surfing Spots

Global Surfing Spots Header

The best surfing locations to catch a wave in the USA, and across the world

Our world is made up of 71% water, so what better way to experience it than riding a wave? Surfing can be the perfect way to connect with nature allowing us to view our oceans from a completely different perspective.

From the likes of Montauk, New York, to La Jolla, San Diego, for those dreaming of taking on the adrenaline rush that surfing brings, the surfing spot options are endless.

If you are not sure where to start your surfing adventure, and you need a little inspiration, then keep reading as we reveal the most popular surfing spots across the USA and the world.

The USA’s top surfing spots

USA Top 3 Surfing Spots

1. Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA – Surfing Spot Score 8.32

Located in the sunshine state of Florida, Cocoa Beach is a popular destination for surfers and sunbathers alike. The beach is an iconic and busy surfing hub with an extensive surfing history dating back to the 1950s. Cocoa Beach is particularly popular on social with over 3,000 surfing-related Instagram hashtags. The sea temperatures are also favorable, averaging 27°C, so whether you are looking to surf or to swim, it’s going to be a great place to take to the sea.

2. Waikiki, Oahu, USA – Surfing Spot Score 7.69

Hawaii is well-known for its gorgeous beaches and warm seas so it’s no surprise that Waikiki in Oahu ranks in second position. Oahu offers 122 surf breaks and a coastline of 3.8km to explore. Similarly to Cocoa Beach in Florida, surfers are in for a warm ride with average sea temperatures of 27°C.

3. Huntington Beach, Orange County, California, USA – Surfing Spot Score 6.67

Huntington Beach is located in the popular surfing area of Orange County, California. The surfing spot ranked well for the number of surfing breaks at 51, and on average the spot is searched 1,770 times per month across the globe. The seas appear to be slightly cooler here than in Florida and Oahu though, averaging at 21°C.

USA Top Surfing Spots Table

The world’s top surfing spots

World Top 3 Surfing Spots

1. Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico – Surfing Spot Score 7.50

Puerto Escondido is a laid-back coastal region, yet it is home to one of the world’s most thrilling waves, making the surfing spot perfect for expert surfers. The thrillseekers paradise is also highly sought after online, with over 3,000 tags on Instagram, and 6,120 monthly Google searches.

2. Noosa, Queensland, Australia – Surfing Spot Score 6.38

In second position is Noosa, Queensland, Australia. Located on the sunshine coast, this is the perfect spot to take to the waves. This resort has waves for all levels, and the best time to surf is during April when sea temperatures average 21C. According to the research, Noosa has a total of 69 surf breaks, and it is also highly popular on Instagram with over 16,000 tags.

3. Tofino, Vancouver Island, Canada – Surfing Spot Score 5.76

Ranking in third place is Tofino, Canada. Tofino offers a range of surf breaks with varying difficulty levels, perfect for beginners and avid surfers alike. The best time to surf Tofino is in January when the weather and atmosphere are most ideal. During this time waves begin to increase due to fluctuations in wind activity providing perfect surfing conditions. Interestingly, surfing in Tofino has been tagged more than 700,000 times on Instagram.

World Top Surfing Spots Table

The most searched for surf spot

Most Searched For Surf Spot

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia – 10,000 total searches

Located on the southern tip of Bali, Uluwatu offers an abundance of fast and powerful waves for thrillseekers. With 10,000 combined average monthly Google searches over the last 12 months for ‘surfing in Bali’ and ‘surfing Uluwatu’, this is the most searched surfing location on our list.

The most popular surf spot according to Instagram

Most Popular Surf Spot Instagram

Noosa, Queensland, Australia – 16,036 total tags

Noosa, Australia is the most popular surfing spot according to Instagram, with a total of 16,036 tagged posts. This surfing spot is great for those in search of smaller swells, whilst big swells do appear they are inconsistent. The area is well known for its gorgeous golden sands and clear waters, making it ideal for surfing.

The surf spot with the most breaks

Surf Spot with the Most Breaks

Waikiki, Oahu, USA – 122 total breaks

A surf break is an obstruction in the sea or ocean that causes a break in the tide to create a barrel wave – perfect for surfing. In Oahu, Hawaii there are 122 breaks, creating several surfing options. Some of the surfing breaks along Waikiki are Canoes – which provide perfect conditions for beginners, Queens – home to plenty of surfing competitions, and The Wall – perfect for practicing on smaller waves.

The surf spot with the longest coastline

Surf Spot with the Longest Coastline

Reunion, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa – 600km

The surf spot of Reunion is located in Durban, and it is home to a total of 600km of beaches on its coastline to explore. The extensive coastline and glorious weather year-round make this the spot ideal for surfers and beach lovers alike.

The surf spot with the highest sea temperatures

Surf Spot with the Highest Sea Temperatures

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico – 30.67° C

Although there’s no optimum surfing temperature, warmer climates can make the experience much more comfortable. With average sea temperatures of 30.67°C, Puerto Escondido, therefore, ranks in first place. This surfing spot is one of the most famous in Mexico, offering plenty of waves in its warm waters.

The best global surf spots for each month of the year

Best Global Surf Spots Monthly


Initially, ranking lists of surfing spots for the terms ‘top surfing spots around the world and ‘the world’s best surfing spots’ were analyzed to create a list of 150 key surfing locations.

This list of over 150 surfing locations was then narrowed down to 30 focusing only on those with the highest search volume.

From here any surfing locations that were not surf breaks were reviewed using the quality rating from Surf Forecast. The surf breaks with the highest ratings were selected.

Using this list we then undertook research into the following factors to identify the best surfing spots across the world.

Google Searches

Using Keyword Planner, average search volumes for the keyphrases that contain the location name and surfing term [example, ‘surfing in Bali’] were analyzed to reveal the overall search volume for each surfing spot. All terms searched included the word surf or surfing to ensure the intent was relatable to the concept.

Instagram Tags

Social data was gathered by analyzing the number of times each surfing spot was tagged on Instagram along with the word surf or surfing e.g. waikikisurf and waikikisurfing. The number of tags per hashtag was then added together to provide a total number of tags for that destination.

Coastline Length

To determine coastline length details a combination of tourist boards and surfing publications were used.

Average Sea Temperatures

Finding the lowest and highest sea temperatures in each location were completed using seatemperatures.net, and lowpressure.co.uk for Mentawai Island.

Best Month to Surf

To identify the best month to surf in each location Surf Forecast was used, for the locations where the best surfing month was unavailable alternative surfing publication sources were used, mywavefinder and surfline.

USA’s Hidden Gems

USA Hidden Gems header image

The best attractions and landmarks that are off the beaten path

The USA is a vast country with so much to see and do. In fact, you could probably make an entire bucket list purely consisting of the nation’s most famous tourist attractions.

From the Golden Gate Bridge and Las Vegas Strip on the West Coast to Times Square and Walt Disney World Resort on the East, the options are endless.

But what about the tourist destinations that you might not have heard of? Being such a huge country, the USA is full of hidden gems, perfect if you want to avoid the crowds or just try somewhere different.

So, which parts of the country are home to most of these hidden gems, and which are the best to visit?

Top 3 US states with the most hidden gems

  1. Alaska
  2. Wyoming
  3. Utah

Top 3 USA best hidden gems

  1. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
  2. Badlands National Park, South Dakota
  3. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan
List of states with the most hidden gems

The states with the most hidden gems

1. Alaska – % of hidden gem attractions: 10.95%

Hidden gem attractions: 309

Total attractions: 2,823

Known for its dramatic landscapes featuring icy glaciers and fjords, Alaska is famously the most remote US state.

This remoteness means that many parts of the state are very hard to get to, meaning that it’s packed full of lesser-known places waiting to be discovered.

According to listings on Tripadvisor, just over 1 in 10 of the state’s attractions are deemed to be hidden gems, including the Mendenhall Glacier and Kodiak Island.

2. Wyoming – % of hidden gem attractions: 7.67%

Hidden gem attractions: 114

Total attractions: 1,486

Second is the state of Wyoming, which is the least populated state in the country but clearly has a lot of attractions to entice visitors.

Like Alaska, Wyoming is a state popular with tourists who love the great outdoors and a sense of adventure.

In total, 7.67% of its attractions are listed as being hidden gems, such as Devils Tower and the Midway Geyser Basin.

3. Utah – % of hidden gem attractions: 6.98%

Hidden gem attractions: 217

Total attractions: 3,108

Completing a top three of states located in the West of the USA is Utah, where just under 7% of attractions are listed as being hidden gems.

Utah has three distinct geographical regions and a history stretching back thousands of years, which means there’s an adventure to be found in every corner.

Some of the attractions you might not have heard of include: Capitol Reef National Park, Kanarraville Falls, and Fifth Water Hot Springs.

Where Does My State Rank?

Check to see if your state ranks in the Top 30 US States for hidden gems, in the tables below

List of states with the most hidden gems
list of States with the most hidden gems continued

The USA’s best hidden gems

USA's top 3 landmarks

1. Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming – 9.51 out of 10

Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming, USA

Annual search volume: 4,184,000

Google review score: 4.9 out of 5

Taking into account the number of searches on Google as well as reviews by visitors, the most popular of the US’s hidden gems is the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.

While it’s undoubtedly a popular place, Grand Teton is often overlooked by visitors in favor of the neighboring national parks of Yellowstone and Glacier.

The park stretches over 300,000 acres and is home to the Teton Range of mountains as well as the Jackson Hole valley.

2. Badlands National Park, South Dakota – 8.57 out of 10

Badlands National Park, United States

Annual search volume: 1,295,000

Google review score: 4.9 out of 5

Second place goes to another national park, the Badlands in South Dakota. Similarly rated 4.9 by visitors, the Badlands miss out on the top spot due to a lower search volume than Grand Teton.

Like Grand Teton, the Badlands is one of the more underrated national parks in the country but has some jaw-dropping scenery.

It can also be visited as part of a wider trip to South Dakota to see a more recognizable landmark: Mount Rushmore.

3. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan – 8.13 out of 10

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Michigan, USA

Annual search volume: 886,900

Google review score: 4.9 out of 5

In third place is the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore in Michigan, located on the shores of Lake Superior.

Known for its dramatic multicolored cliffs and unusual sandstone formations, there is lots of natural beauty to explore here.

There are over 100 miles of trails to follow as well as guided tours led by the rangers, such as the one from Twelve mile Beach through the beautiful white birch forests nearby.

Top 30 Hidden Gems in the US

Discover what we found to be the top 30 US hidden gems, in the tables below

List of USA's top landmarks
List of USA's top landmarks continued


The states with the most hidden gems

For each state, the number of total attractions listed on Tripadvisor was sourced. The number that is listed as being ‘hidden gems’ was then also sourced and calculated as a percentage of the total.

The USA’s best hidden gems

Using a number of articles we built a list of over 150 hidden gem attractions and landmarks across the USA.

For each, we then found the number of global Google searches between June 2021 and May 2022 according to Google Ads Keyword Planner as well as the average review score on Google Maps.

Finally, we gave each attraction a normalized score out of ten for both of these factors, before taking an average of these two scores to reach our overall score out of ten.

To book a hotel & parking package for your next trip, click below!

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Josh CarterUnsplash | Matan LevanonUnsplash | Fern M. LomibaoUnsplash

Things to Do at Mall of America: Your Handy Guide

There are so many things to do at Mall of America, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed! But, don’t worry, our handy guide has you covered.

Located in Bloomington, Minnesota, it’s more than just a shopping center—it’s a premier destination for entertainment, dining, and family fun. Whether you’re visiting for a day or planning an extended stay, there’s no shortage of activities to keep you engaged.

Keep reading to find out more about Mall of America and things to do…

Jump ahead to…

About Mall of America

People Inside Mall of America

Mall of America (MOA) is the largest shopping mall in the United States, featuring over 500 stores, an indoor amusement park, an aquarium, and a variety of dining options. Opened in 1992, MOA has become a must-visit destination, attracting millions of visitors each year. With its large selection of Mall of America things to do, it’s a place where both shopping enthusiasts and adventure seekers can find something to enjoy.

Where to Find Mall of America

Mall of America is conveniently located in Bloomington, Minnesota, just a short distance from Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport (MSP). The mall is easily accessible by car, public transportation, and even light rail, making it a convenient stop for travelers.

Address: 60 E Broadway Bloomington, MN 55425

Best Things to do at Mall of America

1. Nickelodeon Universe

Nickelodeon Universe, Mall of America

Experience the thrill of Nickelodeon Universe, the largest indoor theme park in the United States. Featuring rides and attractions based on popular Nickelodeon characters, it’s a fun-filled thing to do at Mall of America for kids and adults alike.


Address: 5000 Center Ct, Bloomington, MN 55425

Inside the mall: Floor 1


  • Thrill rides like Shredder’s Mutant Masher
  • Family-friendly attractions like Blue’s Skidoo
  • Character meet-and-greets


woman beside aquarium with whale shark

Dive into an underwater adventure at SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium. Explore fascinating marine exhibits at this Mall of America thing to do, including a 300-foot ocean tunnel and interactive touch pools.


Address: Mall of America, 120 East Broadway East Side, Level One, Bloomington, MMN 55425

Inside the mall: Floor 1-T


  • Coral Caves
  • 360-degree, two-storey rainforest
  • Ray Lagoon

3. FlyOver America

aerospace engineer conducts flight simulator

This thing to do in Mall of America is not to be missed! Soar across the USA with FlyOver America, a virtual flight ride that offers a breathtaking aerial tour of some of the country’s most stunning landscapes and landmarks.


Address: 5120 Center CT, Bloomington, MN 55425

Inside the mall: Floor 1


  • Virtual flight experience
  • Stunning visuals and special effects
  • Immersive pre-flight show

4. Crayola Experience

assorted crayons in box on wooden table

Unleash your creativity at the Crayola Experience, where you can create your own crayon, enjoy hands-on activities, and explore colorful exhibits. This thing to do at the Mall of America will be a hit with the kids!


Address: 300 South Avenue Level 3, Bloomington, MN 55425

Inside the mall: Floor 3


  • Name and wrap your own crayon
  • Make your own drip art
  • Interactive art stations

5. The Fair on 4

Axe with red handle

Enjoy classic fair food, drinks, and activities at The Fair on 4. This lively spot offers everything from mini-donuts to axe throwing, making it a great place to unwind and have fun.


Address: 402 E Broadway, Bloomington, MN 55425

Inside the mall: Floor 4


  • Axe throwing
  • Go-karts
  • Classic fair food and drinks

6. Moose Mountain Adventure Golf

Putting ball on crazy golf

Challenge yourself to a round of mini-golf at Moose Mountain Adventure Golf. This 18-hole course features whimsical theming and obstacles that provide fun for all ages.


Address: 376 North Garden, Bloomington, MN55425

Inside the mall: Floor 3


  • 18-hole mini-golf course
  • Fun, themed obstacles
  • Family-friendly environment

7. Museum of Illusions

Silhouette of 2 Person Standing in Front of White and Black Stripe Wall

Step into a world of optical illusions and mind-bending exhibits at the Museum of Illusions. Perfect for curious minds, this museum offers interactive experiences that challenge your perception.


Address: 60 E Broadway #60, Bloomington, MN55425
Inside the mall: Floor 2


  • Interactive illusion rooms
  • Educational exhibits
  • Photo-friendly installations

Why Book a Hotel Nearby If You’re Flying Out of MSP Airport?

Staying at a hotel near Mall of America is an excellent choice, especially if you’re flying out of Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport. These MSP hotels not only offer easy access to things to do at Mall of America, but they provide shuttles to the airport; making your trip convenient and stress-free.

From these hotels, you really can enjoy additional time exploring the mall’s attractions without worrying about travel logistics.

Nearest MSP Hotels to Mall of America:

Mall of America is a destination that offers something for everyone, from thrilling rides and educational exhibits to unique dining experiences and top-notch shopping. Whether you’re visiting for a few hours or planning an extended stay, MOA promises an unforgettable experience.

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