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Reserving with our parking lots can save you up to 70% compared to on-location parking.

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Most lots are close to the airport. Shuttles run frequently to take you to the airport & back.

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You will have a guaranteed spot with your reservation. Your car will be parked safely for your entire trip.

Discounted Rates for Long Term Parking

Our special promotions save you money when you stay 7 days or more!

Hotel & Parking Package Savings

Staying at a hotel & leaving your car parked there can save you money due to cheaper daily prices.

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Some parking lots will have discounted prices when you stay for 7 days or longer.

All LAX Airport Parking Lots

TopSpots In QuikPark Garage
Excellent(4.8, 83 Reviews)
0.9 miles from LAX
The Parking Spot Century
Excellent(4.5, 98 Reviews)
0.7 miles from LAX
Free Shuttle
Excellent(4.5, 1778 Reviews)
1.4 miles from LAX
Free Shuttle
Excellent(4.5, 1410 Reviews)
0.9 miles from LAX
Free Shuttle
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LAX Airport Parking Summary
Number of options:28
Nearest to LAX:Airport Center Parking
Most popular:Airport Center Parking
Alternative options:LAX Hotel + Parking Package

Top Hotels Near LAX with Long Term Parking Packages

Cambria Hotel LAX
Excellent(4.7, 150 Reviews)
1.9 miles from LAX
Free Cancellation

Located just a few minutes away from Los Angeles Int'l Airport and beautiful Manhattan Beach, the Cambria Hotel offers its guests an ultra comfortable and convenient hotel experience at an affordable price. Hotel amenitie... read more

Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott Los Angeles LAX/El Segundo
Excellent(4.6, 88 Reviews)
1.5 miles from LAX
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

The Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott LAX/El Segundo is the go-to option for the traveler seeking a comfortable and safe hotel option at the start of their trip. Guests with a ParkSleepFly reservation at the Fairfield I... read more

Embassy Suites Los Angeles International Airport/North
Excellent(4.5, 36 Reviews)
0.3 miles from LAX
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

The Embassy Suites Los Angeles - International Airport North is conveniently located just half a mile from LAX. A complimentary airport shuttle runs 24 hours a day, ensuring that Park Sleep Fly guests will never have to w... read more

Hilton Los Angeles Airport
Excellent(4.4, 2079 Reviews)
0.7 miles from LAX
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

No matter what kind of traveling you are doing, the Hilton Los Angeles Airport is an ideal choice for your Park Sleep Fly package. The hotel offers a great location, welcoming atmosphere, and service that is top-notch. Th... read more

Aloft El Segundo - Los Angeles Airport
Excellent(4.3, 22 Reviews)
1.6 miles from LAX
Package Includes Parking
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

Located just a few minutes from both Los Angeles Int'l Airport and the beach, the Aloft El Segundo - Los Angeles Airport offers a plethora of amenities and an all-around stress-free hotel experience. The hotel provides co... read more

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Los Angeles (LAX) Airport Guide

Finding Parking at LAX

If you need to find the best long-term parking rates and you're flying out of LAX, ParkSleepFly.com can help. We have plenty of options available, and you can book in advance to make sure that you have a space. Don't spend the evening before or the day of your flight scrambling to find LAX parking. This is the easiest way to book your parking and if you need to cancel, that's always free.

When you live a long distance from the airport or you have an early morning flight, you may want to look into a Park Sleep Fly package deal. You can book your Los Angeles Airport parking with a one-night stay at an airport hotel and shuttle transportation to get everything you need in one bundle.

What's So Great About LAX?

The first thing you'll notice about LAX is its size. This airport is huge, and that means there are all kinds of amenities to keep its many travelers entertained. If you want to browse the internet or get some work done before your flight, there is free Wi-Fi throughout the airport.

The dining options at LAX are about as good as you're going to get in an airport. 800 Degrees, located in the Food Court, makes a great pizza, and if you feel like a drink, Angel City Brewery offers craft beers that are brewed locally. There are also duty free shops to check out in every terminal.

What Frustrates Travelers Most at LAX

The biggest downside of flying into or out of LAX is without a doubt the number of people. Since it's such a popular airport, it's often packed. Security lines can be very long, even during off-peak times, and you'll definitely want to get to the airport with two hours to spare for domestic flights and three for international flights.

Although the size of LAX is nice because it allows for a variety of different restaurants and shops, it also means you'll need to do quite a bit of walking. Make sure you have a good set of rolling luggage to make it easier.

Entertainment Options at LAX

Even if you're not flying internationally, you may still want to pop in to the Tom Bradley International Terminal. It's within walking distance of many other terminals, and it is full of luxurious shops and some of LAX's top restaurants.

Another area where LAX excels is its collection of airport lounges. Since so many domestic and international carriers operate flights out of LAX, there are also many relaxing lounges to visit. Lounge access is typically available to business or first-class passengers traveling with that airline. Certain credit cards also include lounge access as a perk, or you can pay a lounge entry fee.

Fun Facts About LAX

Want to get an idea of how big LAX truly is? You'd need to combine about eight midmarket airports to equal the size of LAX, and just one of its terminals is larger than many airports. It takes quite a few people to keep things running smoothly, too, as the airport employs approximately 59,000 people who work on location or nearby.

Since there's clearly no 'X' in Los Angeles, many travelers wonder where that letter came from. The airport's code was originally just 'LA,' but as the aviation industry expanded, a third letter was needed. The airport became known as LAX in 1947, but the 'X' doesn't mean anything. It was simply chosen to serve as the third letter in the identifier code.

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