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Safely park your car at the hotel for your entire trip - at no extra cost.

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Purchase Park 2 Fly (HPN)
4.4 miles from HPN
Free Shuttle
HPN Airport Parking Summary
Number of options: 1
Nearest to HPN: Purchase Park 2 Fly (HPN)
Most popular: Purchase Park 2 Fly (HPN)
Alternative options: HPN Hotel + Parking Package

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Westchester County (HPN) Airport

The Westchester County Airport in New York has plenty of attractions and amenities to suit every traveler passing through. Even though it's a small airport, it still has everything a flyer needs to relax, recharge, and prepare for their coming flight.

Parking Options at the Airport

Westchester County Airport offers standard, on-site parking for travellers leaving the surrounding area. These rates can get expensive, however, especially for those leaving their vehicles for long periods. offers affordable Westchester County Airport parking rates with free cancellations, which means you get to save money without having to take any risks. You do need to book in advance to guarantee your space and avoid getting stuck with high airport rates, so make sure to prepare ahead of time. We also offer Park Sleep Fly package deals that include an airport hotel stay, HPN Airport parking, and shuttle transportation for those who are in need of these services.

What Makes It Great

The Westchester County New York Airport is a small place with a small-town vibe. Even though it's small, it still has everything most travelers are looking for including restaurants, a gift shop, and banking services. You can find at least one ATM at the main terminal and you can pick up some souvenirs at the gift shop which also offers fax services. The airport has six restaurants to choose from, including a Dunkin' Donuts and a Purchase Country Diner. Many of them are available pre-security, which means that you can easily meet up with locally-based friends for a bite to eat during your layover.

The Not-So-Great Stuff

The same qualities that make this airport charming are the same reasons you might not love it so much. It's quaint and has a small-town country atmosphere, but it's still very small. This can be quite boring for those with long layovers or anyone who is stuck at the airport due to delays. You can sit around in one or several of the six restaurants and you can take a look at the gift shop, but that's about it. There are no extended business service centers, currency exchange counters, or other shops. It can either be the most charming or the most boring wait of your life, depending on how you look at it.

Fun Ways to Pass the Time

As previously mentioned, there aren't too many options when it comes to how to spend your time at this airport. However, you definitely should check out the gift shop and the restaurants while you're there. You can pick up some really cool and unique souvenirs and keepsakes at the gift shop for people back home, along with any other items you may need for your trip. In addition to Dunkin' Donuts and Purchase Country Diner, you also have the option to visit The Traveler's Club Restaurant, Wing Lady, Charter In-Flight Catering & Concierge Services, and the Departure Lounge which offers hot coffee, food, and a regular convenience store. The Charter In-Flight Catering & Concierge Services will be of particular interest to those who love gourmet food as well as those traveling with pets. This restaurant offers gourmet and kosher foods for both humans and animals!

Security and History

The Westchester County Airport is located in White Plains, New York and works with over fifteen airlines. The airport accommodates about one million passengers every year, and many millions have spent their waiting periods browsing the gift shop and sampling the restaurants. In operation since World War II, this airport has a long and interesting history that can easily be discovered at the airport and online. Safety and security is a main priority, and all travelers can be reassured that they will be taken care of.