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Charleston (CHS) Airport Guide

Travelers flying to or from Charleston International Airport need to look no further than ParkSleepFly.com to find the best Charleston Airport parking rates. Our online booking tool is incredibly easy to use, and we even offer the option to book in advance so your space is guaranteed. We know that plans can change, so cancellations are no problem and we never charge a cancellation fee. Skip the overpriced on-airport parking, and save with us today.

Do you have an early flight, or are you driving to the CHS Airport from far away? Our Park Sleep Fly package deals may be just what you need. These deals include an airport hotel stay, parking for your car, and shuttle transportation to the airport. Packages can be tailored to meet your needs.

The Good

Renovation efforts were recently completed, and Charleston International now has a beautiful, contemporary look to it. It's incredibly clean and well-maintained, too. The Wi-Fi is free and easy to connect to, and there are plenty of power outlets for charging your devices. The airport staff ' even the TSA officers ' seem to be friendlier than in many other airports. Charleston International is the only airport in South Carolina that offers nonstop flights to all four time zones in the contiguous United States.

The Not-So-Good

For many a caffeine-oriented traveler, a stop at the airport Starbucks is essential. Unfortunately, Charleston International has no Starbucks, and the coffee options that are available are a bit lackluster. In fact, food and drink options in general are limited and expensive. Charleston isn't a huge travel hub, so nonstop flights to and from here are a bit hard to come by. Some travelers complain that there isn't enough signage, making the airport hard to navigate.

Neat Things to See and Do

Be sure and check out the beautiful exhibit dedicated to the victims of the recent Charleston church shooting. If you're hungry for something local, try Caviar & Bananas, a Charleston-based gourmet cafe serving up excellent bites.

Fun Facts and History

Many travelers are catching on that Charleston International is a great place to fly in and out of: 2016 was its busiest year on record, with 3.7 million passengers served. In addition to offering commercial flights, the airport is used for military purposes by Joint Base Charleston, and it is also home to the Boeing facility that produced the 787 Dreamliner. Its top destination is Atlanta, GA, serviced by Delta Airlines.

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