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Safely park your car at the hotel for your entire trip - at no extra cost.

Sleep Soundly

Stay at the hotel the night before or after your trip.

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All BUR Airport Parking Lots

Southwest Parking - NO SHUTTLE
0.8 miles from BUR
Walk to Airport
BUR Airport Parking Summary
Number of options: 1
Nearest to BUR: Southwest Parking - NO SHUTTLE
Most popular: Southwest Parking - NO SHUTTLE
Alternative options: BUR Hotel + Parking Package

Top Hotels Near BUR with Long Term Parking Packages

Cambria Hotel Burbank Airport
1 miles from BUR
Airport Shuttle Included
Free Cancellation

Hollywood Burbank (BUR) Airport Guide

With all of the dozens of smaller things you need to consider when traveling--to say nothing of the bigger logistics of it all--wondering about long-term parking is probably not high on your list. That's okay because we've put it at the top of ours. wants to take the stress out of Burbank Airport parking by offering you the lowest possible rates, and our simple web interface will allow you to book all of your parking needs in advance. Take care of this step early and forget about it. We offer free cancellations and can also take care of any BUR Airport hotel accommodations and shuttle transportation needs with our Park Sleep Fly packages.

Highlights of Burbank Airport

The Hollywood Burbank Airport is a small one, with two terminals and fourteen total gates. However, it will still offer many convenient options for dining or to grab some quick caffeine at one of the coffeehouses; we'll share some of our favorites. You'll also have free WiFi available throughout the airport. Something to keep in mind here, unlike many other airports, Burbank is not open 24 hours a day. Be sure to check your travel times against its hours of operation and plan accordingly.

It Can Feel a Bit Sparse

The airport is small and quiet, so you'll be able to relax in relative peace in one of the chairs. That said, however, arriving at night the ticket counters will be closed. Most benches and chairs for Burbank are behind the security areas, so getting too comfortable is probably not an option. While you could theoretically try to sleep here if necessary, its size and lack of any useful benches unless you're behind the security area will make this difficult. If there is floor space available when you arrive, we recommend grabbing a spot as early as you can if you know you'll need to get some shuteye before your flight. There are no dedicated rest zones or lounges to which you'll have access, most likely.

Your Shopping and Dining Options

There are several options to grab some food while you wait it out at Burbank Airport. These include various locations of Peet's Coffee, a couple of Chezz Burger joints and more. However, since Burbank is a "curfew airport" again, we remind you to check the hours of operation. Many services offered are beyond the security checkpoints; if you arrive in the middle of the night when these are not open, these services will likewise be unavailable. Be sure to check hours of operation and plan accordingly. That said, for options that are available, there are also book and periodical stores, gift shops, and even a cosmetics store should you need a touch-up before your next flight.

A Spot of Fame

It wasn't called the "Bob Hope" Burbank Airport for no reason. The company may have branded it as the "Hollywood Burbank Airport" (interestingly, the legal name is still Bob Hope, and has been since 2003) but the airport is still touted as "the friendliest" airport when you need to get to or from L.A.

Aviation enthusiasts and regular flyers alike will find it interesting that during the 1930s, the famous Amelia Earhart and other famous aviators of the era used Burbank as the operational base for many historic flights. The airport was dedicated on Memorial Day, 1930 amidst a huge celebration, and remained the largest airport in Los Angeles until 1946.