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Diamond Airport Parking (ANC)
Excellent(4.4, 111 Reviews)
1.8 miles from ANC
Free Shuttle
ANC Airport Parking Summary
Number of options:1
Nearest to ANC:Diamond Airport Parking (ANC)
Most popular:Diamond Airport Parking (ANC)
Alternative options:ANC Hotel + Parking Package

Top Hotels Near ANC with Long Term Parking Packages

Sorry, we do not have any hotels available.

Anchorage (ANC) Airport Guide

We provide travelers with the top long-term Anchorage Airport parking rates that are available through ParkSleepFly.com. You can book in advance to reserve your space for your upcoming trip to the Anchorage Airport. We make it easy and convenient to book airport parking with a free cancellation policy that is available. You can save money and avoid the high cost of on-airport parking lot rates with our services.

If your flight is leaving early in the day or you're traveling a long distance, take advantage of Park Sleep Fly package deals, which includes a hotel reservation, shuttle transportation, and an ANC Airport parking spot.

Pros of Anchorage Airport

The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is considered one of the top airports in the country for its clean interior setting that is easy to navigate. Most areas are easy to reach, and crowded areas aren't present in each concourse. Luggage carts are also easy to find and are free to use near the entrance of the establishment, which makes it simpler to get around when you're traveling with multiple suitcases or bags. Another advantage at the airport are the beautiful views of the mountain range from inside, making it easy to relax or take photos before boarding. The interior setting embraces the state of Alaska with natural decor that includes moose, otters, and bears in various glass cases.

Cons of Anchorage Airport

The security lines at the Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport can be longer than usual due to a lack of staff that is available. Some people also complain that too many people receive full security checks. The restaurants and fast food options are also limited compared to other airports in the country. The facility also lacks electrical sockets or USB charging ports when you need to charge your batteries, which can make it difficult to use your devices when traveling for business. The music in each concourse can also be played too loudly, which can inconvenience travelers who are on the phone or are trying to relax before their flight. A smoking area is not available in any of the concourses, which can be challenging for some travelers.

Fun Things to do at Anchorage Airport

It's easy to stay busy at the airport when you have a delayed flight or a layover. Take a walk through various terminals where Alaskan art and exhibits are on display. Some of the exhibits are also in areas that aren't secured, making it easy to take a look with your family members or friends before going through the TSA lines. The Alaska Sports Hall of Fame is also a must-see for the valuable pieces that are showcased, which is located near the entrance.The second-floor observation deck is also open to the public and will allow you to spend time in a quiet place that has stunning views.

Misc Information of Anchorage Airport

The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport serves approximately 5.4 million visitors each year and has 45 air carriers with 27 that are international. It's known as the second largest airport in the country in regard to the landed weight of cargo aircraft. The airport is named after Ted Stevens, who was a senator from the state and served from 1968 to 2009. The establishment spans over 4,612 acres with the longest runway 12,400 feet long. 964 acres of the grounds are paved. It is responsible for over 15,000 jobs and earning $1 billion, which equates to one in 10 jobs in the state. The airport is located five miles from the downtown area and was built in 1951. Over 50 destinations are accessible through the air carriers that serve the establishment with direct and nonstop flights offered. The airport was renovated in 2006, which included improving the baggage handling systems and redesigning various concourses.

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