Spooky Places to Visit for Halloween

This spooky season there are so many fascinating haunted locations to visit, from a popular film set to a suspected haunted hotel, here are some spooky places to visit on this creepy Halloween weekend. 

Halloween Movie House

Did you know you can visit the real house that was from the Halloween movies? We saw in the Halloween Kills filming locations the house had an interior re-vamp, but the external face remained the same. Take a trip to 1000 Mission Street, North Carolina and you can find the replica of the original house. Just make sure not to disturb the businesses that currently run out of the building!

A creepy abandoned house, looking similar to the one featured in the Halloween movies.

Hotel La Fonda (Santa Fe, New Mexico)

This haunted hotel embodies its complicated past, due to it being built way back in the Old West days. In this spooky place, it’s common for both guests and workers of Hotel La Fonda to witness gunfights between convicts who regularly hung around the gallows at the rear.

The sleeping post is where most ghostly activity occurs, and guests have claimed most spirits are the western gunslingers who occupied the area.

Roller King Skating Rink (Albuquerque, New Mexico)

Sticking in the Southwest, the Roller King Albuquerque Rink was famously used as a set for the 4th season of Stranger Things. This roller rink is a great activity to participate in for Halloween, so why not dress up and get your skates on?

Stylised as Rink-O-Mania in the show, bring back the 80’s flare and give it a try. They have a daily schedule through October to fit into your own spooky plans. Make sure to keep an eye out on their website for other festive events this month.

An 80’s Roller Rink inspired the set for Stranger Things Season 4.

The Stanley Hotel (Estes Park, Colorado)

As soon as you arrive at the idyllic driveway of this hotel, you will realise it inspired the hotel from Steven King’s The Shining. This extravagant building plays host to both the Stanley hotel ghost tour and ‘spirited rooms’, meaning you can have a real paranormal experience during your stay! Availability is limited in these rooms, so it’s best to pre-book these as early as you can to get a glimpse of the Stanley hotel ghost.

If you can’t make it to stay overnight at the hotel, we highly recommend the Spirited Tour. This experience lasts around 60 minutes, and the night-time ambience adds to the spooky atmosphere. The knowledgeable storyteller takes you around the hotel itself and through the dark edges, leaving it the perfect place for a few scares this Halloween.

Estes Park, Colorado, USA – October 5, 2019 – Exterior of the Stanley Hotel, inspiration for Stephen King’s The Shining, at dusk.

Hotel Retlaw  – Formerly Ramada Plaza Hotel (Fond du Lac, Wisconsin)

The underground tunnels once used by the gangsters of Chicago lead straight into the exit point for this hotel, which was more often than not, used as an escape route from authorities.

The hotel’s gruesome past is further enhanced, as the brutal murder of the hotel’s former owner, Walter Schroeder, happened on the premises. Hotel guests have told tales of regularly hearing the former owner yelling, banging against the walls, and causing lighting and faucets to turn on and off.

The RMS Queen Mary Hotel – (Long Beach, CA)

After the success of the Halloween Festival last year, the Queen Mary has officially re-opened post renovations for 2023. Visitors can once again experience the strange goings on at the RMS Queen Mary.

This massive ocean liner crossed the Atlantic thousands of times, but it has been permanently docked in Long Beach since 1967…where paranormal activity has become the norm. There are many Queen Mary hotel ghosts, and strange rapping noises can be heard onboard, ghostly apparitions are often seen walking the halls, and stairs have been seen on the side of the docked ship. Let’s hope the renovations haven’t scared off any ghoulish guests!

The famous ghost ship located in Long Beach, with the full moon in the background makes for a spooky setting.

Provincial Hotel (New Orleans, Louisiana)

Haunted hotels in New Orleans are quite the norm due to its rich history. The Big Easy is infamous for being inhabited by spirits, and the Provincial Hotel is no exception. Once a hospital for the fallen, the ghosts of soldiers and doctors roam freely, opening and closing doors, whispering in the halls, and some guests have even reported seeing soldiers in their rooms. Building No. 5 is believed to be the most haunted, so stay and sleep…if you dare.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (Los Angeles, California)

Known for being the haunted Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, the late Marilyn Monroe has often been perceived at this establishment, alongside Errol Flynn and Montgomery Clift. This Hollywood Boulevard hotel has gained quite a reputation for scares since its opening in 1927. It’s sure to be spooky fun this Halloween, so why not book a room and see if you can sleep through the night and see if there are any Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel ghost stories that prick up your ears!

Tourists surrounding the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

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15 Vacations for Thanksgiving Weekend

Looking ahead to your next Thanksgiving vacation? The ultimate preparation guide for your long weekend trip is here. Once you have your vacation sorted, it’s a good idea to pre book airport parking. ParkSleepFly can do all the extra work for you and find you the best lot for the best price.

Whether you are looking to spend a few days with the family or travel to an idyllic spot as a couple, here are 15 vacations for Thanksgiving.

1. Chicago, IL

Big cities are beautiful during the holidays and the “windy city” is no exception. If you need constant buzz and activities to keep you happy, Thanksgiving in Chicago may be just the place for you.

Much like New York City, The Chicago Thanksgiving Day parade brings an exciting atmosphere to the city for all to enjoy on the long weekend. With the addition of floats, music, and entertainment, it’s sure to work up your appetite for the afternoon of celebrations! Just make sure to arrive early, as the parade takes place from 8am until 11am on State Street.  

Other events include the German Christkindl market and outdoor ice skating. Don’t forget to pre-book your Thanksgiving dinner at the Walnut Room too, located on the 7th floor of Macy’s State Street.

2. Hawaii

If you’re looking to get some winter sun for Thanksgiving this year, we highly recommend none other than a trip to Hawaii. With beautiful white sandy beaches, marching bands, and luau, many of the resorts offer the perfect Thanksgiving package.

Hawaii tends to be quieter around this time of year, so if you want to unwind and relax, this is the perfect vacation location this year.

Given Hawaii celebrates Thanksgiving in a very similar way to the mainland U.S., you can guarantee a delicious Turkey dinner, just with a different scenic backdrop to enjoy. Hawaiians usually give thanks to Lono, the god of agriculture and often pause familial conflicts, practice gratitude and exchange gifts.

The sprawling beaches of this one-of-a-kind state mean you can also pass the time by participating in many different activities over the course of your trip, including snorkeling, surfing, and hiking.

3. Keystone Resort, CO

For the thrill-seekers this Thanksgiving, we recommend a visit to the sprawling mountains at Keystone Resort, Colorado. The beautiful rocky mountain backdrop against a warm fireplace with hot chocolates after a long day of snowboarding and skiing is a particular draw to Keystone Resort, and the promises of a Thanksgiving feast at the River Run Village restaurant means you can fully kick back and relax for this long weekend.

If traveling in late November, Keystone also offers a Welcome Winter Family carnival, full of cocoa, cookies and Salida circus. Why not combine your Thanksgiving trip with fun in the snowy mountains this year?

4. Lake Tahoe, CA

For a relaxing Thanksgiving by the water, why not consider visiting Lake Tahoe? From lakeside to mountain views, this peaceful destination in California is perfect if you want to escape from the cold.

Local restaurants at Lake Tahoe offer a variation of Thanksgiving dinner by the lakeside, with the offer of a beach stroll in the evening to enjoy the sunset. Heavenly Mountain Resort is at your disposal for exploration too, offering a myriad of hiking trails for you to enjoy by day.

Dining options include Jimmy’s at The Landing, Riva Grill on the Lake, The Beacon Bar + Grill and Edgewood Tahoe. Alongside these great restaurant options lies the Luxurious Casino which also offers a range of eateries.

If you would prefer to explore the lake and cook your own meal, this is also possible with the rental of a vacation home on Lake Tahoe.

5. Las Vegas, NV

Where better in the world than to celebrate Thanksgiving in Vegas? If you’re wanting an all-adult vacation, this is the place to be, with the addition of lasting heat from the summer. This makes Vegas a great winter sun option, especially for those traveling as a couple.
The Las Vegas strip is well known for its sprawling Casinos, but also for the Michelin-star celebrity restaurants that reside inside. If you fancy a twist on Gordon Ramsay’s Wellington, we highly suggest stopping by Hell’s Kitchen located at Caesars Palace.

If you feel more like a relaxed dining experience, there are plenty of other options available such as a Las Vegas buffet at Wicked Spoon, The Cosmopolitan and Bacchanal Buffet.

Vegas isn’t just about the food options however, there’s plenty to see and do for entertainment and shopping too, including the famous Gondola ride or the beautiful Bellagio fountain display that occurs every 30 minutes.

6. New Orleans, LA

If you’re looking for a party this year, look no further than a vibrant (and often outrageous) Thanksgiving in New Orleans. You’ll find plenty to do in the “Big Easy”, even when it’s Thanksgiving and not Mardi Gras.

Dining out in New Orleans for Thanksgiving is easy, as a lot of the local restaurants stay open during this holiday. Round up the family and enjoy a mouth-watering sit-down meal in the city of Jazz and Blues and soak up the culture of the deep South.

Visiting New Orleans this Thanksgiving and haven’t booked parking? Don’t worry, ParkSleepFly offers hotel and parking packages to make sure your travel is as stress-free as possible. Book now!

7. New York, NY

The big apple is well-known for its extravagant décor and events throughout November and December, making it the perfect place to spend the holiday. No one does Thanksgiving like New York!

The biggest event to see in the city is Macy’s New York Thanksgiving parade. This year’s display is expected from 9am until 12 noon, with a plethora of balloons, floats, and elaborate entertainment for all.

After watching the famous parade, why not stroll through Central Park and have a go at skating at the Central Park ice rink? Or even explore the traditional ‘tourist’ spots that remain open for the day? If stopping on a longer layover in New York, we highly recommend shopping the Black Friday sales the next day!

8. Orlando, FL

Another warm destination to consider is Thanksgiving in Orlando, Florida. The winter sun will keep you toasty and more than entertained with its myriad of theme parks and fun activities.

If you’re looking to make Thanksgiving as fun as possible, Orlando may be just your ticket. This year promises a plethora of tastes, with the addition of Fusion Fest. A fun and bright festival that will have your mouth watering at every turn, this event is sure to have something for everyone.

If you feel like experimenting with your tastebuds this Thanksgiving, don’t miss out on this unique cultural celebration in the heart of Downtown Orlando.

9. Park City, UT

If you picture your perfect Park City Thanksgiving spent outside in soft, powdery snow and flying down amazing ski slopes, you need to research a trip to this particular destination. This city is renowned for its winter activities, but also for its splendor so you’ll have plenty to be thankful for this year.

There’s also a fantastic feast to be had at Flanagan’s on Main, Irish Pub and Restaurant. Located in the heart of Park City, this dine-in pub is the perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends.

10. Phoenix, AZ

This warmer destination still incorporates cold elements to really set the scene for Thanksgiving every year! Skate Westgate is back this year, with a 3,500 square-foot rink as an addition to the Plaza in Fountain Park.

Phoenix is an excellent destination for those wanting to soak up the winter sun and partake in off-season sunbathing. After spending the day out and about in the city, join Blue Hound Kitchen for a delicious three-course Thanksgiving dinner in Phoenix with friends and family.

11. Plymouth, MA

What better time to experience genuine southern charm than at Thanksgiving in Savannah? Enjoy Savannah’s beautiful green parks and a nice cool climate in this welcoming southern hot spot.

Savannah at Thanksgiving isn’t just about enjoying food and watching football too, it is known for its annual Turkey Trot, which is perfect for those who like to get up and go and be active on Turkey Day! This event takes place just before your Thanksgiving dinner, so why not work up an appetite and join in? Located at Daffin Park, this year marks the 14th year for the Turkey Trot.

12. Savannah, GA

What better time to experience genuine Southern charm than at Thanksgiving? Enjoy Savannah’s beautiful green parks and a nice cool climate in this welcoming southern hot spot.

Thanksgiving isn’t just about enjoying food and watching football too, Savannah is known for its annual Turkey Trot, which is perfect for those who like to get up and go and be active on Turkey Day! This event takes place just before your Thanksgiving dinner, so why not work up an appetite and join in? Located at Daffin Park, this year marks the 14th year for the Turkey Trot.

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13. Toronto, CA

Hopping over the border to Canada, Thanksgiving in Toronto is a great city to visit if you’re looking for a non-traditional day. This city will impress you with its diverse culture and high-end cuisine, offering another view for your Thanksgiving weekend.

The hustle and bustle of this city won’t end for you this US Thanksgiving, as Canada celebrates theirs in early October, meaning you can also get any last-minute Christmas gifts whilst you visit.

Dine in the city’s heart after a long day of shopping and exploring, and relax, surrounded by fallen Maple leaves and Canadian culture this Thanksgiving.

14. Washington, D.C.

If you’re feeling extra patriotic during the holiday season, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better destination than our nation’s great capital. Thanksgiving in Washington DC allows you to feel thankful as you enjoy the beautiful decorations while taking in some American history. There’s also the Montgomery County Thanksgiving Parade in downtown Silver Spring!

Washington DC for Thanksgiving is also the hotspot for Turkey-to-go this year, with plenty of city restaurants offering this option if you want a quiet night in! If you would prefer to feast the night away, however, we highly recommend the Waldorf Astoria Thanksgiving buffet, the perfect place to indulge to your heart’s content with friends and family.

Did you know that on August 6, 1863, Abraham Lincoln declared a day of thanksgiving after Union victories in Gettysburg and Vicksburg. After receiving a letter from Sarah Hale, he declared the last Thursday of November as the national holiday.

Sarah Hale (the author of Mary Had a Little Lamb) was the driving force for a unified day of thanksgiving. The holiday was primarily celebrated in New England, but each state had a different day for its celebration ranging from October to January. She started campaigning for a national holiday in 1846 writing letters to several presidents: Zachary Taylor, Millard Filmore, Franklin Pierce, James Buchanan and Abraham Lincoln.

President Lincoln felt that a unified national holiday would bring the country together after the stress of the Civil War. Therefore, he declared the last Thursday of November as Thanksgiving Day. Lincoln stated in a proclamation entreating all Americans to ask God to “commend to his tender care all those who have become widows, orphans, mourners or sufferers in the lamentable civil strife” and to “heal the wounds of the nation.

15. Williamsburg, VA

For another traditional Thanksgiving, Colonial Williamsburg is a place worth visiting. Thanksgiving marks the kick-off to Christmas and alongside Thanksgiving activities, you can also expect to enjoy a few festive-themed delights too.

Colonial Williamsburg has a plethora of attractions available, including Premium shopping outlets for those well-needed Christmas gifts, the official Jamestown settlement, and the Historic area. All these activities run on normal operating hours, apart from the outlets which have a longer opening time.

For restaurant choices, Williamsburg has a variety of both sit-down and buffet-style eateries, including King’s Arms Tavern, Campbell’s Tavern, and Colonial Williamsburg Lodge which offers a holiday buffet. All perfect after a day of exploring the city’s history and partaking in light shopping.

Are You Ready for Thanksgiving Travel?

Many people have to travel for business throughout the year. Planning these trips is nothing like those that take place around the holidays. Thanksgiving is definitely one of the most traveled and anticipated holidays for those flying to their destinations. These are trips that involve getting the opportunity to connect with friends and family who are miles away from you.

Although these are trips for pleasure, it is important that they be well planned and organized. The more of this you are able to do before your trip, the more you can enjoy it overall. Since this is one of the busiest times of the year, scheduling every aspect is important. According to statistics, 28.5+M people flew for the holiday in 2017. This means each airport around the country will be bustling with activity.

Book Flight Reservations in Advance

Thanksgiving trips for individuals and families have to be planned in advance. This is generally the best way to get the airfares that you want. Booking your reservations also takes the hassle out of this process for you. Another consideration for holiday trips is the possibility of seats being sold out. Groups flying together should focus on getting on the same flights through advance reservations.

Travel Only with a Carry-On

Everyone has been caught with too much luggage for their trips. This can certainly be a challenge when you are alone. One of the simplest ways to avoid having to struggle with heavy bags is to pack only one or two carry-ons. This is not only efficient but it is budget-friendly. You will avoid the cost of having to pay for checked bags. This also means you don’t have to wait for bags after your flight.

Register for TSA Pre-Check

Another terrific way to fast-track your holiday experiences are to register for your TSA Pre-Check status. This makes it quick and easy for you to go through security. Most often those who fly a lot during the year find this really convenient. It is necessary to fill out your application for this status and to also pay the necessary fee.

Avoid the Busiest Days

You may want to strategize when it comes to making holiday trips seamless. If it is possible to avoid the busiest days, you will enjoy the benefit. This can be done by either scheduling your departure a day or two early. The same strategy works for your return trip home. You may find that these flights are much cheaper, as well.

Get the Best Price with an Airport Hotel and Parking Package Deals

There are certain parts of your trip that will require confirmations. This is helpful whether you are thinking about your airport, parking, or hotel. Fortunately for you, there are great websites available to make this extremely easy and affordable.

No matter where you decide to travel to, have a stress-free Thanksgiving vacation by pre booking your airport hotel and parking with ParkSleepFly this holiday season.

The Worst Fear of Every Traveler – Missing Their Flight!

You may have done this or perhaps you know someone who has. There is nothing like that sinking feeling and the dread that follows when you realize that you have missed your flight. After paying for your airline ticket, to discover that you’ve missed the plane you were supposed to be on.

Fortunately, today there is a way to avoid missing any airline flight. Whether you are flying for a family vacation, fun trip or a business trip – a ParkSleepFly.com package will make your travel plans so much easier. You’ll find you are much more successful in connecting with your flight.

With ParkSleepFly.com you receive a one night stay at an airport hotel. Stay at this airport hotel the night before. You avoid those traffic snarls and frustrating delays that can cause multiple mile backups on the highways. Instead, have a relaxing dinner with your family and turn in early so you are rested and refreshed for your trip.

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What could be worse than being stuck in a traffic jam, knowing that your flight for the annual family vacation is taking off without you? In today’s day and age of non-refundable airline tickets, missing that flight for many families often means foregoing the family vacation entirely. That’s a great disappointment for the entire family.

Fortunately there is ParkSleepFly.com to help you enjoy every vacation and let you travel stress and hassle free. With ParkSleepFly.com, you stay overnight at a nearby airport hotel close by to your airport terminal. This means your family has no worries about fighting traffic the morning of your flight. What a great relief! With so many airports located in peak traffic jam locations, getting stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the airport is a very common occurrence.

Best of all your family can get up at your regular wake-up time – instead of waking up at the pre-dawn hours to catch the flight for your family’s vacation. This is a great convenience for every family.

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The Top Memorial Day Parades to attend in 2023

Memorial Day is fast approaching, and there are many ways in which you can gather with family this year to honor those lost. One of the most popular activities on Memorial Day is attending a parade. There are a host of parades which take place in cities across the country.

Washington D.C

The biggest and most popular Memorial Day parade occurs in the center of Washington D.C. Led by a marching band, this three-hour display alongside the National Mall on Constitution Avenue, features veteran units from each state along with those who were involved in other past conflicts. The procession showcases large floats and balloons. If you can’t make it to view the parade, you can live-stream the event via YouTube, meaning you can sit back and enjoy the parade with your loved ones at home. Travelling into Washington for the parade? Don’t forget to pre-book your airport parking lot space with ParkSleepFly.

Rochester, Wisconsin

The Rochester Area Memorial Day Parade of Heroes begins at 11:30am on May 30th. Following the procession starting at 1:30pm, a ceremony will be held in Pioneer Park at the Rochester, WI Memorial Day Parade. The Rochester parade will have approximately 20 parade entries, including fire trucks, marching bands and individual participants. Invocations, songs and speeches are also to be expected at this event. If you have an early flight into Rochester for the parade, adding a ParkSleepFly hotel only stay at the airport guarantees you a good night’s rest the day before you travel.

Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Alongside the Rochester parade, Sheboygan has its very own Memorial Day activities. Located on the Lake Michigan side of Wisconsin, this parade travels through downtown and ends with a ceremony at Fountain Park. The parade includes stunning musical performances and pays homage to veterans and active-duty men and women. If you need a room the night before your flight into Sheboygan with an added parking lot space, check out the options available through ParkSleepFly.

Ironton, Ohio

The first ever procession was held in 1868 and has continued every year since. The parade begins at 10am with the route beginning at Center Street and finishing on 6th Street and Park Avenue. The parade includes 12 divisions, floats, fire trucks and marching bands. ParkSleepFly have a variety of different airport parking options available to guarantee your lot space if you’re flying out to Ohio this Memorial Day weekend.

Doylestown, Philadelphia

Dating back 145 years, this parade is older than the Ironton and Brooklyn parades. The Doylestown parade sets off at 10am, much like the Ironton procession. Entertainment for the whole family includes individual participants, marching bands and community groups. For hotel only stays the night before flying to Philadelphia, ParkSleepFly can help you find the best price for your overnight stay at the airport.

Little Neck-Douglaston, New York

The Little Neck-Douglaston parade has been a tradition since 1927, proceeding at 2pm each year. It is led by Division 1, which includes the Grand Marshal, Division Marshals and other elected officials. This parade is more of a traditional memorial, with the addition of an opening and closing ceremony.

Other things to do on Memorial Day

As well as traveling to see the local parades, there are also a host of other activities to participate in for this long weekend, including: 

  • Checking out any Memorial Day sales
  • Getting together with family on a Memorial Day weekend getaway
  • Planning events with loved ones, such as cookouts or picnics and taking trips or days out are a good way of taking advantage of that extra day off work
  • If you’re in the area why not go to the Arlington Cemetery in Washington DC? The scenic park allows for a leisurely walk around the gardens, whilst also remembering those lost

If you’re wanting to just gather family and friend groups for the weekend, why not host a BBQ with Memorial Day themed treats? Baking at home in preparation for a BBQ is a great way to bring the family together, especially children, you’re also guaranteed a sweet treat at the end of the day. Baking recipes we recommend include New York Cheesecake, Berry Cobbler and Punch Bowl cake. If you have family out of state and are traveling to see them, pre-booking airport parking has never been easier with Park Sleep Fly.

Things to remember for Memorial Day:

  • From sunrise until 12 noon, the U.S. flag is flown at half-staff to remember those who have been lost
  • Rochester, WI has a very popular Memorial Day parade every year and has been a yearly event since 1867
  • Americans are encouraged to participate in a minute silence at 3pm on Memorial Day afternoon in remembrance

Wondering How You Can Celebrate the History of Cinco de Mayo?

Falling on May 5 each year, Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated by Mexican American communities across the nation with parades, parties, and the best of Mexican cuisine. 

Cinco de Mayo’s history dates back to 1862, with the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. The holiday really started to become a bigger event in the US in the 1960s, turning the celebratory nature of this date into a true event.

Celebrate the holiday with a taste of Mexican heritage, with ParkSleepFly’s guide to embracing the Cinco de Mayo history.

If you want to experience some of the largest Cinco de Mayo festivals stateside, why not get down to Los Angeles, Chicago or Houston? ParkSleepFly can help you find a great deal on hotel and parking packages wherever you are traveling.

Visit the biggest Cinco de Mayo parades

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated across the US, with some festivals and parades offering not only an occasion to party but to appreciate Mexican culture’s roots in the US, with regional music and dancing filling the streets.

Portland, Oregon, has been celebrating the holiday with its sister city Guadalajara since 1983. You can expect a big focus on the tapatío heritage during the city-wide festival, including a whole host of arts, music and dancing. The annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta takes place at Tom McCall Waterfront Park and promises Mexican-themed fun from 11am up until 11pm. Experiencing Mexico from the US has never been easier, with fun, food, drinks and dancing promised until the late evening.

For a slower-paced Cinco de Mayo, why not enjoy the day at Walt Disney World? You can find Mexican-themed treats throughout the parks, but to be fully immersed in celebrations means a trip to Epcot: World Showcase. Cinco de Mayo falls in line with the 2023 Flower and Garden Festival, meaning the park will be very busy for Cinco de Mayo! The Epcot Mexico Pavillion is guaranteed to be serving the very best of traditional food and beverages found in Mexico.

Visit the Battle of Puebla re-enactment

If you’re thinking of staying true to the roots of the holiday, visit Puebla in Mexico to be immersed in Cinco de Mayo’s true history. Alongside the festivals and parades you can count on stateside, you will have the chance to experience re-enactments of the Battle of Puebla.

Tens of thousands of residents participate in the city’s parade. You can anticipate seeing Mariachi bands playing in the streets, as well as dancing and fireworks. The festival draws more than a million visitors every year and it turns into a month-long celebration across the state. If you’re thinking of booking your trip to this amazing location steeped in Mexican history, book your travel essentials from ParkSleepFly with a complete hotel and parking package.

The city of Puebla is the fourth largest in Mexico. With a hive of activities kicking off to highlight its unique place in history, you are guaranteed a trip rich in Mexican heritage and spirit.

Immerse yourself in Mexican cuisine

While you may be enjoying the holiday with a drink in hand, Cinco de Mayo offers the perfect opportunity for you to embrace authentic Mexican food and drink to the full. 

The state of Puebla is renowned for its native mole poblano, which is one of the country’s most typical dishes. It is found widely in kitchens across the state during Cinco de Mayo celebrations, making it the perfect destination for an authentic taste of Mexico. 

Of course, what is a holiday without a sip of the finest tequila, a bottle of cold cerveza or a fruity margarita? Cinco de Mayo is after all an occasion to celebrate Mexico’s victory in battle.

Houston is also known for its celebration of Cinco de Mayo, with various restaurants around the city offering a plethora of traditional cuisine. Armandos, Cadillac Bar, Candente and world-famous Chipotle are just a few of the eateries offering various deals and Cinco de Mayo-themed treats galore.

Heading to Houston for Cinco de Mayo? Don’t forget to pre-book your airport parking reservation with ParkSleepFly!