2021’s Most Affordable Vacation Hotspots in the US

Holiday Destinations that won't break the bank

The holiday destinations that won’t break the bank this year

More people than ever before are choosing to take a vacation here in the US rather than traveling internationally due to the restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.

But with so many amazing destinations right here on our doorstep, it’s the perfect opportunity to explore the many wonders that the US has to offer.

Best Practices For Holiday Travel During The Pandemic

Traveling this year for the holidays looks a lot different from most years. If you can, it’s best to stay put in your own home and celebrate with your family virtually. If you’ve opted to fly somewhere this winter, here are some guidelines to help you reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 while you’re traveling. 

These Countries Are Open To American Tourists

The United States State Department recently lifted its worldwide “Do Not Travel” advisory, but before you go ahead and book your tickets to the Bahamas, you’ve got to assess the current international situation for American passport holders.

You’ll Want To Bring These Essentials On Your Next Flight

Travelers heading out of the airplane

Whether you’re taking a flight next week or next year, air travel has changed, and we may never see it the way it used to be. It’s completely normal to have a sense of anxiety or dread when it comes to getting on your next airplane, but a few essentials can help create a sense of calm and make your journey as safe as possible.

5 Things to Look Forward to This Summer (Despite Quarantine)

Live Sports Have Started Back Up Again

Live sports have been put on hold since mid-March, but just recently the Major League Baseball (MLB) season has begun. Sports fans all over the United States are looking forward to the cautious return of live sports broadcasts. While it’ll be some time before fans can return to stadiums, most are grateful for the progress. Following the MLB’s example, the National Football League is gearing up for their season by starting their training camps as well. It’s yet to be known whether the NFL season will proceed as planned in September.