Spring Break Essentials for Keeping Kids Occupied During Travel

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With Spring Break just around the corner, the time has come to pre-plan your trip. If you’re traveling with kids, especially multiple age groups, planning how to keep them entertained on spring break is as important as deciding where to go. We’ve put together a comprehensive list of tips on traveling for spring break with kids, to help guide you through the chaos that it can bring!

Pre-Flight Essentials

Pack Smart:

Good quality luggage is an investment for your kids and can help to make preparing for travel fun, especially with the selection of branded options available on the market. Colorful rolling suitcases such as the Samsonite Disney range or Trunki are a great way to involve kids in the preparation process.

Personalizing luggage is another way to get kids excited for a spring break adventure; make an activity out of getting them to decorate their luggage using stickers or funky travel tags.

If you’re feeling especially brave, you can even ask your kids to pack their own case – with supervision of course! If the whole case is too much, then get them to choose a favourite cuddly toy, item of clothing, or book to bring. Involving kids in this process will give them a great activity to participate in and a sense of ownership.

Snacks Galore: 

It’s essential to pre-pack some delicious and filling snacks to keep little tummies happy. Trail mix, fruit pouches, cheese sticks, and crackers are great options to have on hand. A refillable water bottle is also recommended to keep everyone hydrated, especially when dealing with plane air-conditioning. Involve your kids in the planning!

Entertainment on Demand: 

Movies and entertainment are key to keeping the kids occupied when it comes to traveling for Spring Break. Shorter flights often don’t provide in-flight entertainment, so it’s a good idea to invest in electronics where you can download movies, games, and audiobooks. Specialized children’s tablets are available on the market, or if you’re feeling old school, why not dig out a portable DVD player with car chargers as optional activities for kids?

Activity Kits: 

Travel-sized versions of popular board and card games are also great for keeping the kids entertained when you travel. Think etch-a-sketch, travel bingo, or jigsaw puzzles (though try to avoid anything with small pieces, as they’re likely to get lost along the way). Why not pick up a few activity books with stickers, as these are usually a hit with little ones. You could even treat them to their choice of new book or magazine.

Make Pit Stops Count:

Driving to the airport can become long and tedious, especially if you’re traveling from afar to your nearest airport. Choose a scenic spot on your journey for a small picnic to break up the journey. You could even book one of our ParkSleepFly hotel & parking lot packages so you can all get a much-needed night’s rest before your morning flight to your spring break vacation spot.

Take-off to Touchdown

Embrace the Window Seat: 

Try to snag a window seat on the plane and let your kids enjoy “cloud spotting” or watching the sky for other planes. Packing binoculars can encourage some excitement for your spring break trip, keeping the kids awe-inspired during the flight while giving them a tech break too.

Get Creative with Travel Games: 

“I Spy” is another popular in-cabin game you can participate in, especially when surrounded by travel-themed clues. Other fun travel games include tic-tac-toe and hangman.

Destination Adventures

Plan Age-Appropriate Activities: 

Make sure you do lots of research when planning aspects of your trip that can cater to children’s interests. Museums and zoos are popular for springtime, offering an indoor/outdoor adventure and giving you a break from spring showers or the sun. Check reviews before you visit so you’re armed with information on queuing times and facilities, and make sure the attraction is open on the day you plan to visit to avoid disappointment.

Get Crafty: 

Art activities for kids are also ideal when it comes to planning your spring break vacation. Travel-sized craft kits and art supplies can go alongside a stroll and picnic, keeping them entertained between taking in the sights. Crafting souvenirs of the places you’ve visited gives kids a fun souvenir to take home too! For older kids, why not encourage them to write a holiday diary or create a scrap book with tickets and mementoes from the holiday?

Embrace Downtime: 

Downtime can also help with relaxation and winding down amped-up little ones. Make sure to pack books, coloring books, and other mentally stimulating activities that will help everyone get a good night’s rest throughout the trip.

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