8 Healthy Travel Snacks You Must Take on Your Next Trip

You don’t have to spend a lot of time preparing healthy travel snacks (see buzzfeed) for your travels. When it come to snacks there is nothing better than indulging in foods we know aren’t good for us, but there are healthier methods of snacking when you are traveling. Below is a list of healthy, wholesome snacks that are perfect to take with you on the go.
8) Trader Joe’s Sesame Honey Almonds 
Trader Joe’s sell some great products that are generally low-cost and healthier than products sold at major grocers. Almonds contain naturally healthy fats and fiber to keep you feeling full. If there isn’t a Trader Joe’s near you, order a pack of almonds on Amazon.

7) Sugar Snap Peas
These peas in a pod are actually quite tasty if you’re looking for a crunchy snack on-the-go without the nasty ingredients often found in crunchy snacks. Sugar snap peas are commonly found in most grocery markets and are low in calories. Pack a few with snack bags on your trip so you will always have it with you when hunger hits.

6) GoMacro Organic Granola Bars
Granola bars are often advertised as healthy by large industries, but big brands will stuff these bars with many chemicals we’ve never heard of. Look at the ingredients of granola bars and see for yourself. For an organic alternative, I highly recommend GoMacro organic granola bars. These bars are worth the money and you could purchase different flavors on Amazon.

5) Apples
Apples are a great choice for traveling because it is a hard fruit that can take a travel beating. A medium apple is only 95 calories and contains 4.5g of fiber that will help your digestive system especially when you’re exploring new foods on your trip.

4) Nuts.com Organic Trail Mix
Trail mix products made by major manufacturers contain less chemicals than granola bars, but I really enjoy Nuts.com’s organic trail mix. All the ingredients are organic and you can taste the difference between Nuts.com and a store bought brand. Their site has many other organic products too if you’re looking for more.

3) Republic of Tea Green Tea
Instead of drinking a soda or a beverage other than water, consider green tea as an alternative. Green tea has small amounts of natural caffeine and is light enough to be consumed without sugar. Also, green tea can help suppress your appetite and provide antioxidants that makes it an ideal beverage to drink when you need a break from travel food indulgence. Republic of Tea makes high-quality green tea that come in 50-count bags on their site.

2) Clementines
If you have sugar cravings then these cute little oranges will help calm it down the healthy way. Clementines are small, portable, and easy to peel making them a great addition to your travel pack of healthy snacks. They’re juicy, full of vitamin C, and natural fructose sugar to calm your cravings.

1) Nature’s Path Organic Oatmeal
Oatmeal may not be the ideal snack, but it is definitely the best choice to have when you are seeking a snack in between major meals. Instead of buying any snack you could get your hands on, this organic oatmeal comes in small packets ideal for traveling. All you need is hot water to enjoy a healthy, yet delicious snack before your next travel food adventure. Get them here on Amazon.

Healthy travel snacking is easy as long as you prepare ahead of time and are aware of what you should and should not consume. What are some of your healthy travel snacking recipes or ideas? I’d love to hear about your experiences.


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