Health and Wellness Trips are Paving the Way for Travel

One of the fastest growing trends in travel right now is wellness-based vacations, and we foresee that this trend will only gain traction in the new year with healthy goals and resolutions being made worldwide. If you want to jump on the self-improvement vacation bandwagon, but are unsure of where to begin, take a look at our breakdown of some of the categories in this healthy new vacation trend!

Weight Loss
The Biggest Loser spurred a long-lasting interest in weight-loss resorts around the world. At these gorgeous (and most often super posh) destinations, you’re treated significantly better than the contestants on The Biggest Loser. You’ll be served gourmet, healthy meals and will participate in fun, calorie-torching activities like hiking, obstacle courses or even rowing. You can also learn firsthand how to make those healthy dishes taste delicious with on-site wellness classes that focus on healthy cooking, as well as ways to incorporate fitness into your everyday life! If you need to lose some weight and want to do it in style, a weight loss retreat may be your best vacation yet!

Spiritual Wellness
Meditation retreats are slowly gaining in popularity thanks to our crazy, hectic lifestyles taking over every minute of our days. At these resorts, you can expect quiet activities, lots of meditation and spiritual guidance and as much relaxation as you could desire. Some resorts are women-empowerment based and some are even deemed “silent retreats” where you can find nice respite from the cacophony of everyday life. The idea is to forgo speaking so that you can focus entirely on your mind and soul, which many guests claim to be completely restorative.

Progressive Wellness
While some retreats focus on healing a specific part of yourself, progressive wellness resorts specialize in overall health. You’ll eat healthy, plant-based foods and learn about its effect on your body. You’ll take meditation classes to focus on your mental health and you’ll have your pick from a variety of self-improvement seminars and workshops to boost your confidence and feeling of self-worth. If you’ve always felt like you were destined for greatness, but haven’t quite found your calling yet, a visit to a progressive wellness center could help you find what you’re missing in your life.

Going green is a movement that’s even taking the travel industry by storm. Being a conscious traveler is a big market right now, and many companies are taking advantage of that. There are resorts that specialize in eco-travel that reduce, reuse, recycle and teach about their mission in the process. There are also travel companies which excel in providing their customers with the most environmentally friendly destinations, modes of transportations and activities in the area. If you want to see the world, but don’t want to impact it negatively while doing so, research some eco-trips the next time you’re itching to get away.



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