How to Reduce Back Pain When Flying

Discomfort is a familiar friend to the frequent flyer. Unless you’re traveling first class with enough space to stretch out, you are most likely sandwiched in a tiny space that doesn’t work well with your body’s natural positions. Everyone knows that air travel is not the most comfortable transportation, and that’s one reason why you see so many neck pillows on sale in the stores all over the airport. However, sitting for hours in an upright airplane can really put a strain on your back. Here are a few of the best ways you can relieve some of that back pain.

Schedule With Care

Flying in an airplane means sitting up for hours without the ability to really stretch your legs. Seats do differ in comfort depending on what class you flying in, but most are only marginally comfortable. One big problem that can exacerbate a back problem is continued flying. For this reason, it is important to pay attention to scheduling.

First off, nonstop flights are a friend to the traveler with back pain. They take less airtime to get from point A to point B and avoid those pesky jaunts through the airport. Connected flights usually mean more time sitting up so get nonstops and cut down your overall travel time. Additionally, if you are a frequent flyer for business, do not schedule flights to close together. Give your back some time to recuperate before another trip.

Make Some Moves

As aforementioned, flying in an airplane means it’s hard to stretch your legs. However, if you own the aisle seat it affords more room. You can stretch your legs into the aisle if need be to help you remain comfortable. The aisle seat also means you can get up and move. This is important because people with back pain can alleviate the discomfort by moving around. Even if you didn’t get the aisle seat, you can stretch out by walking up and down the aisle. You can also do other light stretches in your seat to help break down the tension.


Neck pillows are a great idea but they only scratch the surface of back-saving accessories available to flyers. There are self-inflating lumbar pillows, heat wraps, and little travel rollers that you can use to offer more care to your spine. If you bring accessories that increase comfort it makes travel a lot less strenuous. Not everyone can afford a first-class seat, but you can make little purchases that go a long way.

Pack Lighter

Lifting heavy objects is another factor that increases strain on your back. So when you travel, try not to carry heavy bags. Stashing bags in the overhead compartment can give you that extra stress that makes it a little more uncomfortable. It is also stressful trying to depart the plane as you have to grab your things quickly. So lighten the load you take with you on the plane and avoid unnecessary stress.

Booking A Hotel

At, we know the importance of pre-flight and post-flight travel. Having a good hotel to rest at before and after your trip can change your experience.

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