Destination Weddings in Greece: Top Secret Places to Tie The Knot

Also known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece has been effortlessly dancing in the top lists of the best countries to get married around the world. Enlaced with diamond destinations such as Santorini, Athens, and Mykonos, there’s no doubt that a percentage of this nation’s economic riches come from its tourism and wedding industry. However, Greece is composed of thousands of more hidden wonders on the other 6000 islands. If you’re planning a dream destination wedding in Greece and you’re currently looking for a unique destination in the Hellenic, keep on reading because that’s what we’re going to show you.

Wedding planners in Greece have a special understanding of the destinations, and we were surprised to discover unheard locations that are as beautiful as the heavy hitters of this country. For instance, Make Happy Memories, a wedding planner in Athens, confirmed that there are many hidden destinations in Greece.


If you want to get hitched on the autumn season, this northwestern hidden gem is the best that we can recommend! Perfect for couples who value the peaceful outdoors, Zagori can offer its few visitors with an experience that is delightful for the senses. With its verdant forests and fairytale-like scenes, you’ll surely find several intimate spots to tie the knot and say I do. Bonus point: Zagori is just a good drive away from the airport in Thessaloniki!

If you and your partner are enthusiasts of trekking, the Vikos Gorge and Kolymbithres are some of the Zagori hiking spots that you can include in your honeymoon itinerary.  If, however, you’re craving for the extremes, you can try rafting in the Vaidomatis river for a healthy dose of adrenaline rush.


Who can resist the breathtaking amalgamation of the azure waters and pastel architectures of the Assos village in Kefalonia? Spoiler alert: this is just one of the numerous splendid attractions that this Ionic island can offer. With its enchanting castles, mythic caves, and precious beaches, you’ll never run out of choices for wedding photo tours or post-elopement expeditions. For a scenic and wild experience, you should certainly include Myrtos Beach, Melissani Cave, and the Agios Georgios Castle in your trip itinerary.


Offering strong winds for kitesurfing and windsurfing, Lefkada’s main attractions are the varieties of its available water sports. If you and your future spouse are adventurous and adrenaline-seekers, then this Ionian destination is a fit for you. However, this doesn’t mean that Lefkada has nothing to offer for couples who are not into extremes.

This Greek wonder is surrounded by awe-inspiring beaches and sensational coves that are perfect for wedding photoshoots, yacht tours or boat trips. The majestic cliff of Porto Katsiki, the emerald waters of Ammoussa Beach, and the picturesque scene of Cape Lefkatas are just some of the sights that deserve the astonishment of your eyes. In addition to its landscape allure, Lefkada is also enlaced with a gastronomical fingerprint of wineries. You might want to include their white Vardea and red Vertzami wines on your wedding menu!


Every couple’s dream is to hold their wedding in a love-filled setting that is perfect for creating unique memories. A destination wedding in Greece, specifically Kastellorizo, can also give you that. Lying in the southeastern of the Mediterranean, this Dodecanese island is like a little Paris of Greece but without the crowd. This place is intimately peaceful, and its undisturbed nature is evident with its marine treasures (you’ll see a lot of turtles and fishes swimming in the harbor!).

Kastellorizo’s verdant hills, vibrant houses, azure waters, and romantic landscapes will provide you with a sensational yet peaceful backdrop for exchanging “I Do’s.” In addition to these, the tranquil and laidback atmosphere of this place is enough to make you feel like your wedding is a fairytale experience, not a chore. You deserve to feel like King and Queen on your wedding day, remember?