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Best Mountain Quotes for The Wanderer in You

The Best Destinations to Experience a Safari

If you’ve always had a safari at the top of your bucket list, we’re here to tell you that not all safaris were created equal. Safaris are usually costly, and when you’re going to spend a lot of money on your dream vacation, you’ll want to seek out the best spot to see the most diverse wildlife possible. To help you find the best of the best, we’ve compiled this guide of some of the greatest safari destinations.

Why Everyone Loves Copenhagen

While it may be in the shadow of some of the more famous European cities, Copenhagen deserves serious consideration for any global travel itinerary. This charming Scandinavian city is full of cultural highlights, delicious food & drink, unique architecture, and outdoor adventure opportunities. Here are just a few reasons why Copenhagen is a favorite destination for discerning travelers:

How To Get Free Airport Lounge Access

Picture this scenario: You are sitting in the overcrowded airline terminal awaiting your flight. Someone is coughing less than 8 inches from the back of your head, there’s a half-eaten sandwich in the seat beside you, and you already have a headache from that baby crying three rows down. When your flight begins to board, you see a gentleman (looking quite refreshed) emerge from a secret door marked “lounge.”

Our Favorite In-Flight Movies of The Moment

Avengers: Endgame

Rating: PG-13
Airlines: American, Delta, Alaska, United, and Hawaiian

Avengers is one of our favorites because we are massive Marvel fans here at It is in almost all of the airlines, due to being one of the biggest blockbuster films of the summer. If you haven’t heard of this film, here is a trailer.