Why Everyone Loves Copenhagen

While it may be in the shadow of some of the more famous European cities, Copenhagen deserves serious consideration for any global travel itinerary. This charming Scandinavian city is full of cultural highlights, delicious food & drink, unique architecture, and outdoor adventure opportunities. Here are just a few reasons why Copenhagen is a favorite destination for discerning travelers:


The best way to see this magical city is on a bike. Outdoor recreational enthusiasts will appreciate the bike-friendly culture of Copenhagen. It is easy to rent bikes from the many vendors that dot the landscape. Many hotels and hostels will even have on-site bikes to borrow. No need to worry about crowding car lanes either. Copenhagen’s bike lanes are vast and orderly, making it extremely easy to get around the area.


Food lovers will appreciate the distinct flavor of Copenhagen. Your culinary adventure should begin with the traditional smørrebrød, featuring sliced rye bread topped with a variety of cold meats, cheese, smoked fish, or paté. What makes a meal in Copenhagen so memorable is the spirit of hygge that permeates the air. This Danish way of life is reflected in the coziness and warm welcome that is present throughout the dining experiences. Be sure to leave room for the famous Danish pastries and a cup of coffee after all of your meals.


Copenhagen is a feast for the eyes. The historic buildings are perfectly juxtaposed with sleek modern developments that personify the simplicity of Danish design. Do not miss the chance to visit the quaint waterfront areas and the colorful buildings that give the city its personality. Photographers will delight in the picture-perfect architecture that lines Nyhavn Harbor. This idyllic waterfront is the perfect place to spend the day people watching on a sidewalk cafe while taking in the breathtaking buildings.


Regardless of if your interest lies in art or history, you will find a museum to pique your interest in Copenhagen. Start your journey at the top-rated National Museum of Denmark. This impressive collection provides a glimpse into Danish history and culture. Just a few blocks away, you will find Thorvaldsen’s Museum, showcasing the best work of neoclassicistic sculptor Bertel Thorvaldsen. Art lovers will appreciate the vast collection of work on display at The National Gallery of Denmark.


A visit to Copenhagen will underscore why this city has such a place in fantasy lore. Visitors will love the many palaces that fill the city landscape. Popular destinations include Rosenborg Palace and Amalienborg Castle. As the current Danish seat of government, the Christiansborg Palace is also a must-see destination. Boasting over 800 years of history, the palace is still home to Parliament, the Prime Minister’s Office, and the Supreme Court.

With its rich history, fairytale vibe, and bustling sidewalk cafes, Denmark’s capital city is just waiting to be explored and enjoyed.


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