Traveling with Kids – Part One

If you’re expecting your first child and fear that your traveling days are over, we understand your concern. Some people’s worst nightmare is having to board a plane with kids in tow and there is no shortage of myths associated with traveling as a family. But we’re here to debunk those myths and give you actionable tips to help you realize that family travel isn’t just feasible, it’s downright magical!


Myth #1: It’s too difficult to travel with a baby!

Truth: If we’re being honest here, just being the proud owner of a baby means you already know that it’s difficult no matter what you do. But, traveling is no more cumbersome than heading to the grocery store. And truth be told, traveling with a baby is much easier than traveling with a toddler! Babies sleep a lot and they aren’t yet mobile. So although you’ll be doing more carrying, you’ll be doing much less chasing around.


Myth #2: It’s not worth it if the kids aren’t old enough to remember the trip!

Truth: Kids remember a lot more than you give them credit for. While they may not be able to account for every vivid detail, neither will you! Give them the chance to explore and learn new cultures and make some great family memories. Later, you’ll be shocked at the memories that stay fresh in those brilliant little minds!


Myth #3: You can’t take a baby on a plane!

Truth: I think this myth is just perpetuated by cranky frequent flyers. Yes, babies can cry sometimes. And sometimes that unfortunately happens when you’re crammed into a flying sardine can with a bunch of strangers. But, don’t let fear of the flight prevent you from taking the trip of your dreams. Most babies sleep right through their flights. And even if your baby is absolutely terrible, remember that those few traveling hours are a drop in the bucket overall.


Myth #4: You should only go to “kid-friendly” destinations!

Truth: You needn’t fret that the next 18 years will be spent vacationing at Disney or other assorted theme parks. Kids can have fun just about anywhere you go. You’ll want to intersperse some kid-friendly activities into your itinerary, of course, but just about any location can be enjoyed as a family. Beach resorts are great compromises for families because they are thoroughly enjoyable for kids and adults alike.


Myth #5: It’s too expensive to travel with kids!

Truth: Yes, traveling with kids is certainly more expensive than traveling solo or as a couple; but where there is a will, there is a way. If travel is meaningful to you and your family, there are plenty of resources available for frugal family traveling. Kids can fly for free on your lap up until age 2 on almost all airlines. Many resorts and cruises offer “kids stay free” promotions and chain restaurants usually have weekly “kids eat free” nights that help cut down on the overall cost of your trip.


Myth #6: You’ll have to lug so much stuff!

Truth: We must admit that this can be accurate. When traveling with kids, you will have to deal with carriers, strollers, diapers, food (if you aren’t nursing) and assorted baby/kid gear. But thanks to the advent of many baby gear rental sites (like,) you could easily ditch the gear and just rent what you need at your destination. If you choose to bring your own supplies, though, headaches (and backaches) can be sidestepped by hiring a porter or enlisting the help of airline employees.

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