Tech for the Modern Traveler


Gone are the days of poring over maps while on vacation and cramming for overseas trips with foreign language CD’s right before your flight. Vacationing in 2016 is easier than ever for modern travelers thanks to the emergence of some very savvy tech products. From smart apps to smart luggage, traveling has become a breeze! Streamline your next vacation and make it remarkably easier with these 7 great travel products.



1. Karma Go: portable LTE


Karma Go

This palm-sized disk of technological joy is perfect for business travelers and those who use a lot of of Wi-fi during vacations. Don’t pay through the nose for wi-fi anymore. As a mobile hot spot, Karma Go provides wifi wherever you are in the world, and you can even earn points for sharing with friends or fellow travelers! Far superior to the convoluted Verizon Jetpack pricing, Karma’s data is purchased upfront in 1G increments and it never expires. So if you’re the type of person that can’t imagine not being connected during a trip, Karma Go is worth the initial (yet moderate) cost for the device itself.


2. iTranslate Voice: translator & dictionary app

Overseas travelers will adore this genius app! The iTranslate Voice app can transform any old average Joe into a polyglot instantly and completely breaks down the language barrier during foreign trips. The easy to use interface allows you to choose from over 40 languages for translation. Then you just speak your mind, and the app translates your native tongue into your language of choice seamlessly and with expert pronunciation. Considering Rosetta Stone runs a few hundred dollars (and not to mention the hours of study time,) this app is a steal at under $10!


3. The Narrative Clip: mini camera


Narrative Clip

When you are a tourist, but don’t want to seem like one, the Narrative Clip comes to your rescue! Much less bulky than its competitors, this sleek camera clips to your shirt or collar and automatically takes a photo every 30 seconds. Capture your whole memorable trip without ever having to pull out your camera or phone! Then, just connect the device via smartphone and effortlessly share your favorite pictures.


4. August Smart Lock: home entry system



The August Smart Lock is a great device whether you’re a traveler or not. This keyless home entry system allows you to control who has access to your house using only your smartphone. Unlike traditional keyless entry systems, this clever app allows you to give one-time virtual key codes to friends watching your house while you’re away. August even keeps track of who enters your house to put vacationer’s minds at ease.


5. TrakDot: luggage tracker

Anyone who has ever had an airport lose their luggage knows the negative impact that has on a vacation. TrakDot felt your pain and created a genius tool to help in such situations. The small TrakDot device gets stored safely in your checked luggage and can be tracked via your cellphone once you land. There are no continual costs, and the purchase price of $40 for the device is minimal once you consider the headaches saved thanks to this clever invention.


6. Petcube: pet camera & interaction device



Pet owners often have a hard time taking vacations since it’s almost like leaving their furry child at home alone. But, now there is the Petcube; a small camera that allows you to interact with your pet while you’re on vacation. Travelers can view their pets in high definition and no longer worry about their safety and well-being. The easy-to-use camera is controlled by your smartphone and boasts a 2-way radio so you can speak to your pet and reassure him that you haven’t left for good. A built in laser toy even allows you to play together while you’re gone!


7. TraxPack: smart luggage

Although this product isn’t yet available for purchase as it is still raising funds via Kickstarter, it’s worth inclusion on this list. This smart luggage is about to revolutionize the luggage industry. Imagine not having to cart your heavy luggage around anymore. With its brilliant track system design, TraxPack takes the work out of lugging your heavy travel essentials up flights of stairs and through labyrinthine airports. The tilted handle allows for maximum maneuverability on all surfaces, including up and down stairs. It even includes a built-in phone charger as well as a scale so you don’t get surprised by airline baggage fees. It truly is the luggage of the future.

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