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What Are the Busiest Travel Days of the Year?

Thanksgiving and the year-end holiday are among the busiest times of year to take to the air and the roadways, ranking just behind a few days in the summer, according to National Public Radio. However, winter holiday travel can be even more hectic, with college students, families with children and elderly people all en route to the homes of family and friends through the worst weather of the year. Despite the fact that airlines actually have a better track record for on-time flights during the year-end holiday season, those flight delays that do occur may affect your holiday plans more seriously, causing you to miss out on some of the festivities of the season.

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Hottest Holiday Destinations for 2013

Hottest Holiday Destinations for 2013

In today’s hectic and stress-filled world, everyone needs a little break from time to time. If you want to plan a relaxing and fun vacation this holiday season, there are many fantastic destinations for you to choose among. From exotic to traditional, the following locations are some of today’s hottest holiday destinations for 2013.

How to Save on Holiday Travel

When it comes to holiday airfares, room rates, and car rental rates, it’s all about supply and demand. The more you stand out from the crowd by traveling on less popular dates and booking before everyone else, the better off you’ll be.

Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day!

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