IzZzleep: A New Kind of Hotel Experience

photo courtesy of www.izzzleep.com

With Wi-Fi, secured lockers, and complete bathrooms, izZzleep is ideal for anyone looking to catch a quick nap or freshen up during that awkward down time before or after a flight. Guests can choose between a shower, a nap and an overnight stay in one of the izZzleep private bunks.

When one of our very own at ParkSleepFly booked an izZzleep in Mexico city, we knew we had to get the inside scoop on futuristic-looking hotel.

What was your reason for checking out the izZzleep airport hotel?

I took an international red-eye flight and needed to catch some “zzz’s” before my boyfriends flight arrived. I was initially researching airport lounges but they did not have quiet resting areas and were quite pricey if you did not have a specific credit card or membership. After a few misses, I was recommended to check-out izZzleep.

How was the check-in process? 

Super easy! The counter clerk was very informative regarding the pricing schedule and gave me a tour before I made a decision. Check-in was quite simple and comparable to making a product purchase. The only personal information required was a valid picture ID.

What was your impression of the airport hotel as a whole? 

Aside from it being cool and futuristic? That it was convenient, affordable and very clean.

What was your first impression of the hotel room itself?

I was immediately surprised at how spacious yet cozy it felt inside. My capsule was located on the second level (imagine the top bunk bed) and could be accessed through a sliding door. I think that if I had been assigned one of the other capsules that were accessible through a sliding door at the foot of the ‘bed’ I would have had a different impression.

photo courtesy of www.izzzleep.com

What were some unexpected amenities of the izZzleep hotel room itself?

Everything really. I didn’t expect much except for a bed, pillow and a light. The capsule was equipped with a smart TV, headphone jack, USB ports, electrical outlet, reading lights, temperature controls and a large mirror. Additionally, at check-in I was handed clean towels (should I need to shower) and complimentary socks and ear-plugs!

What was one thing about the whole experience you found random? 

Because I had never experienced a capsule airport hotel, I found the entire experience very random. It felt very out of this world! Climbing up to the capsule was very random – I’d forgotten all about bunk beds.

Any negative experience during your stay at the izZzleep airport hotel.

It was pretty hard to navigate through the room that held all the capsules. It was dark and very quiet — great for inside the capsules, but not when you’re trying to find your way to them! 

What was the shower / bathroom situation like? 

Very clean! The have both shared and separated facilities. The facilities were very clean and had a cleaning attendant readily available.

What was your favorite part of the izZzleep airport hotel? 

Convenience! It’s nice to know that there is a secure, safe dedicated area where you can store your items and get some rest before catching your flight, or in the worst case scenario, in case you miss your flight!

Would you recommend the izZzleep airport hotel to your friends and fellow blog readers? 


Would you book a bed in a capsule hotel? Have you experienced one before? Let us know your stories in the comments section!


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