6 Twitter Accounts With Crazy Cheap Flight Deals

best accounts for cheap flight deals


Whether we’re talking about travel deals or fashion deals, one thing is for certain. Good deals don’t last long. That’s why we love that these six accounts are constantly tweeting out killer flight and vacation package deals. We may not check our email every few hours, but we sure do check our Twitter! If you’re on Twitter at all, you’ll want to follow these accounts to get the inside scoop. Don’t blame us if you book a too-good-to-pass-up flight to London on your lunch break!

  1. Airfare Watchdog (@airfarewatchdog)

If you’re a budget travel aficionado, you’ve most likely heard of the website AirFare Watchdog. With multiple updates a day, you know they have their eye on the best deals for you. They scour thousands of destinations, routes and airlines to find top flight deals. The best part? They’re real people.

  1. Secret Flying (@SecretFlying)

What’s the secret to finding the best flight deals? It just might be the Secret Flying twitter account, which churns out some of the cheapest flight options on the Internet. With deals being broadcasted every hour, it’ll be hard to miss the next flash sale. Secret Flying has some of the most extensive updates when it comes to Twitter.

  1. Fare Compare (@FareCompare)

Fare Compare’s metasearch engine is designed to help find some of the best hidden flight deals. Why do we love their Twitter account? When there are multiple cities included in a deal, Fare Compare makes the information easy to process so you can find and book your cheap flight ASAP. Sleeping in a giant tequila barrel, anyone?

  1. Travel Pirates (@TravelPiratesUS)

With a bio that says “yes our deals are real,” you better believe some of the deals they find are too good to be true. Travel Pirates doesn’t just do flights. They also find hotel package deals and other travel inspo if you’re looking for new vacation ideas. You’ll find some of the best flash sales and mistake fares here. 

  1. Airfare Spot (@AirfareSpot)

Looking for flights from North America to Europe? Airfare Spot highlights one-way and round-trip flights to cities like Barcelona and Hong Kong. They also have flights between hub cities in the United States. Tweeting many times each hour, the Airfare Spot people are making sure you don’t miss out on your dream flight.

  1. The Flight Deal (@TheFlightDeal)

With flight deals that include airline, price and destination cities, the tweets from The Flight Deal are comprehensive. You’ll be able to decide if you’re ready to book in a matter of minutes. Not only do they look for flight deals within the U.S., but they also have amazing deals to and from Europe. Dreaming of a Caribbean vacation? You just might find your flights scrolling through Twitter.


Based out of Los Angeles, Iona Brannon is the Content and Affiliate Marketing Strategist for ParkSleepFly.com. Her hobbies include looking at airplane tickets, sitting in LA traffic, and occasionally yelling at other drivers.

Iona Brannon

Based out of Los Angeles, Iona Brannon is a content producer for ParkSleepFly.com. Her hobbies include looking at airplane tickets, sitting in LA traffic, and occasionally yelling at other drivers.