3 Translator Apps That Make Speaking Foreign Languages a Breeze

Perhaps you’ve always dreamed of strolling the ChampsÉlysées or sipping wine among the rolling sunflower-covered hills of Tuscany, but you’ve delayed taking such trips because you are concerned about the language barrier. Maybe the idea of ordering dinner in another language terrifies you or you’re afraid you won’t be able to ask for directions if you get lost. 

Fear no more! There are several fantastic translator apps that can break down those pesky language barriers and make international trips a whole lot easier.

1. Google Translate

Looking for an app that can translate and playback sentences in another language? Or are you an Android carrier that needs a compatible translator app?

Whatever the case may be, Google Translate will have you speaking another language like it was your mother tongue. This efficient and free translator app allows you to dictate sentences rather than wasting precious minutes typing out what you want to say. This app can translate more than 50 languages, from standards like Spanish and French to more unique languages like Macedonian and Afrikaans. Users are especially impressed with the top-notch voice recognition, which will make any traveler breathe a bit easier when speaking to natives.

2. iTranslate

This app is a friend to both Android and iPhone users, and is considered one of the most popular free translation apps out there. If you don’t consider yourself technologically savvy, you will enjoy the simple, easy-to-use layout of this app.

iTranslate includes more than 80 different languages, a text-to-speech feature and Romanization, which translates unrecognized characters into English – how handy for our Chinese, Japanese, Russian and Greek speakers! If you have no interest in typing out sentences, for only $3 you can purchase voice recognition. Translation sharing via social media and saving translations for future offline access are only some of the special features that make this app a traveler’s trusty companion.

3. Languages

Sure this aptly named translator doesn’t boast a clever title, but this app delivers as promised.

For those who have some knowledge of another language but may be a bit rusty, this app might just be the ideal sidekick. With more than 12 full language dictionaries, the highly rated Languages iPhone app is the perfect option for those who need a quick refresher. Quick A-Z browsing and common phrases are only some of the special features Languages offers, and the app costs just $2.99.

However, what makes this app such a winner is its offline mode, which allows you to use it without needing an Internet connection. How’s that for resourceful?

So, what are you waiting for? Download one of these translation apps now and start planning your next trip! Bon voyage!

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