13 Warm-Weather Vacations for Winter

When the weather outside is giving you cabin fever, the best cure is dreaming up your next vacation to someplace warm and sunny! No matter where your budget lies, we have a destination for you on our list of the top thirteen warm-weather vacations that are sure to abolish your winter blues!

This beautiful island is only a short plane ride from the east coast so it’s perfect for a quick getaway. Enjoy luxurious pink sand beaches and water that’s every shade of blue imaginable.


Costa Rica 
If island hopping isn’t your cup of tea, and you’re seeking some adventure with your warm weather, Costa Rica may be just the spot for you! Hike to hidden waterfalls or participate in one of the many festivals held between January and March every year.

Orlando, Florida 
Families that are looking for a warm getaway can’t go wrong with Orlando. Kids will love the bevy of theme parks and nearby beaches and parents will love that everything in this city is geared towards making their children smile.


Los Angeles, California 
If you’re dying for a sophisticated vacation where it’s just about impossible to get bored, Los Angeles is the place for you. Tan on Venice Beach, shop to your heart’s content and then enjoy a nice dinner in the city.

Amalfi Coast, Italy 
If the gorgeous coast of Italy has been on your bucket list, but you can’t afford it or just don’t want to deal with the hordes of tourists at peak times, you should cross it off your list this winter! The temperatures are still fabulous and since it’s off-season, prices (and crowds) are much more manageable.

Sydney, Australia 

Winter is the best time to visit the land down under since they’re just entering their summer season. If you want sun, surf and sand and a whole new season to boot, Australia is sure to please.

Honolulu, Hawaii 
You can’t get a more stunning destination for snow-blind vacationers than Hawaii! Your eyes will revel in the beauty of the wide array of Hawaii colors. The lush green mountains, remarkably blue waters, and unique black lava rock will be a sight for sore eyes that are sick of the gray winters.

Phoenix, Arizona 
If you want to get hit with a wave of heat upon exiting your airplane, Phoenix may be just the spot for you. Enjoy the heat by horseback riding, exploring the grand canyon or hiking one of the famous Arizona landmarks.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 
Only a short flight from L.A., those looking for a relaxing but posh getaway will enjoy Cabo San Lucas. This luxurious city has it all. Spend the day soaking up the sun on the beach and then spend your night exploring the vibrant entertainment scene when the sun goes down.

Negril, Jamaica 
Winter is Jamaica’s dry season so you’ll enjoy perfect weather this time of year. Head to the quieter section of Negril to avoid large crowds and enjoy a peaceful, gorgeous getaway filled with sun, sand and plenty of daiquiris.

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil 
Since December and January mark Brazil’s summer, you can’t get a better time to see the capital of this exotic country. Adrenaline junkies will have a blast hang gliding, rock climbing and exploring the vast array of block parties and festivities at this time of year.

Cartagena, Colombia 
If you love incredible food, amazing architecture, going to art galleries, Cartagena is your match. The rich colorful city is a guaranteed win for your warm-weather winter vacation.

San Antonio, Texas 
Quaint San Antonio is great for a quick, warm getaway. The Riverwalk is decked out in thousands of holiday lights and there are festivals and events every weekend.


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