Top Travel Trends for 2013

It seems the big American travel trends for 2013 are all about adventure.  The popular travel destinations won’t be in vintage Europe or sparkling Caribbean Islands.  Tourists will be drawn towards new more exotic destinations, the roads less traveled.

Northern Lights
NASA has predicted that the aurora borealis are at a solar maximum.  This means that now through March of 2013, stargazers can expect the most spectacular viewing of the phenomenon in 50 years. The best places to view them will be Sweden, Norway, and Iceland, so those countries are expecting increased tourism in the first quarter of 2013.

Want to get away from it all, but need more comfort than a sleeping bag on a cot?  Glamping is a fast growing trend with sites popping up all around the world.  All the luxuries of a hotel, and direct access to the great outdoors, who could ask for more?  You can find locations and book trips here.

River Cruises
Cruises have been popular for years, the traveler gets to experience multiple cities and destinations and only unpack once!  River Cruises down the Danube and the Rhine have been popular for some time now, but cruise lines are quickly adding trips down the Irrawaddy in Myanmar, the Mekong in South East Asia, the Brazilian Amazon, and the Zambezi in Botswana.  These new cruises will allow the Western traveler to comfortably explore less-familiar destinations.

Asian Animal Safaris
Forget the African Safari, 2013 is all about the Asian Safari.  The Asian continent has its share of exotic animals too.  Tigers and Gibbons, and Komodo Dragons, Oh my!

Sri Lanka
The New York Times and Lonely Planet have both put Sri Lanka on their bucket list and travel to this country in the Northern Indian Ocean is expected to rise quickly in 2013.  Tourists can visit tea plantations and elephant sanctuaries, as well as explore the wild jungles and lounge on the white sand beaches.

This island nation in the Indian ocean is an up and coming destination as well.  Madagascar is the only place you can find Lemurs in their natural habitat, and it is also home to the iconic Baobab tree.  The country has recently embraced tourism, so hotels with all the modern conveniences are becoming easy to find.

Food and Wine Tours in South America
Watch out Italy and France, food and wine tours of Argentina, Chile, and Peru are on the rise and Culinary tours of Mexico City and Nicaragua are just beginning.  Travel companies provide tours of the areas where you don’t only get to taste the food, but learn about the culture and traditions as well.

The New European Tourist
Americans might be spending less money in Europe, but don’t expect the European tourist industry to suffer. Brazil, Russia, India, and China experienced strong economic growth in 2012.  In 2013, the citizens of these countries are expected to, for the first time, travel in force to Europe to explore and shop.  They can find their favorite brands at much lower prices at shops in the EU.

~Annette Fasone

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