Top Cruises You Should Take This Fall

Fall is one of the best times to take a cruise. With kids back in school and summer partiers back to work, ships are less crowded and you can find sweet, sweet discounts. You’ll get pools to yourself, cooler temperatures and spectacular scenery this time of year.

If you’re worried about hurricanes, don’t be. Cruise lines always alter their itinerary if there are threats to the safety of their crew or passengers. After all, they wouldn’t put you, their expensive ships or their reputation at risk by sailing into dangerous weather. If you’ve been considering a cruise this fall, take a look at our guide to the best trips you won’t want to miss.

Appreciate all of the beauty of fall with a New England cruise

If you’ve never seen a New England autumn, you should treat yourself this year and see one of Mother Nature’s most stunning masterpieces. You can take a river cruise from New York up the Hudson to get panoramic views of the leaves changing colors, or take a cruise up the Atlantic from NY or Boston and stop at some of the best leaf-peeping spots along the coast. Either way, you’re bound to be enthralled by the vivid kaleidoscope of reds, oranges, and golds you’ll see along the way.

See the spectacular Mediterranean sights

If you want to bask on a beautiful beach in Greece but don’t want to be packed in with all of the other tourists during the summer, a fall cruise may just be your cup of tea. Not only will you deal with fewer crowds, but prices for the cruise itself and airfare to Europe usually decrease right after Labor Day. You’ll also have the added benefit of avoiding the scorching heat of the Mediterranean’s brutal summers.

Try cruising along the rivers of Europe

River cruises are gaining popularity thanks to their intimate vibe and the ability to stop at some unique and memorable small ports. If you want to experience that New England fall but want to get out of the states, a European river cruise in September is just blissful.

Take a longer vacation and savor a repositioning trip

If you aren’t strapped for time and would like to experience a truly refreshing vacation, book a repositioning cruise. These happen when cruise ships have to move from their summer locations to their winter homes, with passengers getting great deals (and long itineraries) in the process. You’ll want to find a ship that really suits your style as you can expect some long stretches at sea. But, if you love nothing more than gazing out at the water with a good book, you may have found your new favorite way to vacation!

Enjoy the tropical spots minus the crowds

If a vacation to you means sandy beaches with a cocktail in hand, then you’ll be happy to hear that you can still cruise to beautiful islands in September. While you do run the risk of a hurricane ruining your itinerary, you’re sure to still have a great time (and save a bundle) even if your trip needs to be re-routed.

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