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Choose an Airport Hotel from Burbank Glendale Pasadena California

If you’re traveling from the Burbank Glendale Pasadena airport in California, you’ll be pleased to know you can choose park sleep and fly from Our popular park sleep and fly packages have made travel time logistics easier and simpler for family, individual and business travelers across the U.S.A.. Why spend your travel time frustrated over traffic jams and waiting in long lines? You can be enjoying your trip and making memories – the true reason to travel anywhere special.

Our park sleep and fly packages all include a one-night stay at airport hotel accommodations, airport parking and a complimentary airport shuttle. It’s one of the best airport deals you can find today. No one wants to think about missing their trip for any reason. A missed flight can mean buying new tickets or simply cancelling your travel plans. Instead, stay overnight at a Burbank area airport hotel and you’ll be within minutes of the airport the morning of your flight. It’s easy and convenient – thousands of travelers just like you have chosen park sleep and fly from this summer!

It’s not too late to reserve for the rest of the summer. Visit our website to make your park sleep and fly package reservation. Our great park sleep and fly packages are used by customers across the U.S.A. to make their vacations and other trips easier and hassle free. Why wait and worry over getting stuck in traffic – when you can breeze to the airport in minutes? truly makes it that easy for your family.

Our airport hotels are popular with our customers with generous amenities and comfortable rooms. You’ll always enjoy your stay at our Burbank airport hotels. Our Burbank area airport hotels are top rated by our customers – they return again and again to choose for that next vacation or business trip. Enjoy complimentary hi speed wireless Internet and continental breakfast. Many of our airport hotels also have exercise facilities, pools and business center. This makes it easy to get a great workout or stay in touch with your office before your travels.

Choose from some of our hand selected Burbank airport hotel accommodations:

Hotel Amarano Burbank Glendale Airport

Best Western Media Center Inn & Suites

Burbank Extended Stay Inn

Burbank Inn & Suites

Burbank Travelodge

Stay at Hotel Amarano Burbank Glendale Airport Hotel in Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport

Burbank, California travelers who park sleep and fly through have many choices of where to stay. A popular choice for an airport hotel is Hotel Amarano Burbank Glendale Airport. This airport hotel was once known as the Graciela Burbank Hotel and is the only luxury boutique hotel in Burbank. You can expect fine service and top-quality amenities at this airport hotel accommodations.

Hotel Amarano Burbank Glendale Airport is just one part of your park sleep and fly package with Spend the night before your flight at the airport, relax and rewind. Don’t worry about rushing through traffic jams or snarls the next morning on your travel day. You’ll be at the Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport within minutes with our complimentary airport shuttle. Put your car in easy and convenient airport parking during your trip, knowing it is waiting for you upon your return. This great park sleep and fly package from simply makes any trip that much simpler and stress free!

The Hotel Amarano Burbank Glendale Airport is known for their personalized service and elegant rooms. You’ll be close to the Warner Brothers Studios and the Universal Studios, both popular attractions in the Burbank area. This airport hotel accommodations has 100 rooms and suites available for your ease and comfort. Many have full kitchenettes and walk-in closets, offering guests every convenience of being at home while enjoying their stay in this fine airport hotel.

Enjoy complimentary wireless hi-speed Internet and a daily newspaper. 24-hour room service is available for a quick snack or a full meal – whatever you desire. This airport hotel is also pet friendly and offers valet parking.’s park sleep and fly packages are one of the best airport deals around. If you’re planning your summer vacation, now is the time to reserve your park sleep and fly package! Your family deserves to enjoy every moment of travel, not spend it worrying or waiting dealing with travel time logistics. You’ll be glad you choose from Burbank, California.

Choose An Airport Hotel Traveling from Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport California

Burbank, California travelers will be pleased to know they can park sleep and fly choosing comfortable and convenient airport hotels within minutes of the Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport. If a family vacation or business trip takes you out of the Burbank area, you simply don’t want to leave your travel logistics up to chance. That’s why is so popular with countless travelers just like you – who everyday choose our valuable services to make travel simply a breeze!

Our park sleep and fly packages include airport parking and hotel. Every package includes 7 days of airport parking, making travel logistics to the airport that much easier. Arrive the night before your trip and stay at airport hotel accommodations that have every amenity you would prefer. From complimentary continental breakfast to free hi-speed wireless Internet, you’ll be relaxed and refreshed staying at our hand-selected airport hotels. Best of all, you’ll be just minutes from the Burbank Glendale Pasadena Airport. Knowing the complimentary airport shuttle will have you to the airport quickly and easily the morning of your travel can put a smile on every traveler’s face.

We have many airport hotels in the Burbank, CA area to choose from. Including these top-rated airport hotels:

Hotel Amarano Burbank Glendale Airport
This lovely airport hotel was formerly known as the Graceila Burbank Hotel and is a luxury boutique hotel located conveniently in Burbank. You’ll find elegant and comfortable rooms and personal service. Guests will appreciate being close to popular attractions including the Warner Brothers Studios and Universal Studios.

Holiday Inn Burbank-Media Center
This charming airport hotel is a popular favorite with both family and business travelers alike. Located right in downtown Burbank, you’re just minutes from the airport. Guests will also be pleased to know they are convenient to well-known attractions including Dodger Stadium and Disney Studios.

Best Western Media Center Inn & Suites
This lovely airport hotel is brand new and guests will appreciate all it has to offer. You’ll find top-quality that Best Western guests have come to know and prefer at other locations across North America. You’re close to the airport and also right by the Disney Studios and NBC Studios

Summer Vacations Need

Its summer vacation time – and many families are making their vacation plans. You’ll want to remember to use to make your trip easy and convenient. Smart families know that is the best choice for their summer vacations.

Whether you are going somewhere sunny and warm like California or Florida – or somewhere into the mountains like Colorado – makes travel logistics go much smoother. You’ll find that staying at an airport hotel the night before flying – and parking your car at off airport parking means that you fly as a family relaxed and refreshed. It is often a new experience that families can enjoy when they use

Your experience begins when you reserve your airport hotel and off airport parking for your trip. Make your reservation from the 24-hour website.

Summer vacationers will appreciate spending the night before their trip at an airport hotel. This means instead of spending that day overwhelmed with travel time – they are within minutes of their airport terminal! You do have to arrive two hours ahead of time due to airport security, but imagine the time saved and how much better you’ll feel with a full night’s sleep.

Using off airport parking also has great benefits for summer vacationers. You can leave for the airport when you want – whenever is convenient for you. Your package comes with 7 to 14 days of off airport parking.

So relax and enjoy your summer vacation. Just remember to make your reservation!

Stay at Woodfin Suites in Long Beach California

If you are traveling to Long Beach, California, you’ll want to stay at Woodfin Suites. This lovely hotel is both affordable and quite comfortable. Every guest will enjoy and appreciate a hot buffet breakfast served each morning. There is also a Manager’s Social Hour complete with beer, wine, soft drinks and hors d’oeuvres – something you just won’t find at every hotel. The Woodfin hotel appeals to both business and vacation travelers who appreciate their amenities.

The Woodfin Suite Hotel has lovely suites with double French doors, full bathrooms and fully equipped kitchens. Many of the suites also have wood-burning fireplaces. Guests often comment that this is a charming “home away from home” they can appreciate as a hotel.

This hotel offers many classic amenities guests will appreciate, including a business center so you’ll always be in touch with your home office. The business center includes a fax and computers available for use. Rooms come with two-line phones and a desk with data ports. Enjoy the exercise facilities to grab a quick workout before meetings. Every morning guests receive a complimentary copy of a local newspaper to catch up on the day’s news or to simply check the weather.