Strangely Inexpensive Airport Parking with Big Benefits

Have you ever dreamed of skipping away to Europe for 30 days of fun travel?  As you put a pen and paper to the cost of making these dreams a reality do not forget to figure in the cost of your airport parking.  If you chose normal airport parking the cost could be a staggering amount.  

A Unique Way to Cut the Cost of Your Extended Trip
What seems really strange is how you can cut the cost of airport parking for an extended vacation and get added benefits at the same time. Let us look at an example.

In Madison Wisconsin you can park you could begin your journey the night before your flight, stay at the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel near the airport and get 30 days of parking for just a little over $100.  This is less than half the cost of parking your car at the airport in a cheap lot.

You are eliminating the morning rush to get to the airport. You can be relaxing with your family with the free continental breakfast.  Then you just grab your suitcases, jump on the airport shuttle, and begin your journey.
To get down to the real facts about this example, at Dane County Regional Airport the parking is very reasonable.  The long term parking ranges from $6 to $10 per night.  For this example you would be spending $180 to $300 just for parking your car.  You would save between $70 and $190 by spending the night in a nice hotel and relaxing before your flight.  Which option makes sense to you?

High Prices and Early Mornings at Major Airports

Our example is looking at an airport with less traffic and lower prices than most major metro areas.  Imagine trying to battle morning rush hour traffic and then paying 50% more than our example.  This is the reality at most major airports.  The great thing is the other side of our example stays fairly consistent around the country.  You can find great combination to park, sleep, and fly bundled at airport hotels like the Madison Howard Johnson in almost any city.

Quit battling the high prices and morning rush.  Plan you extended vacation the right way, by bundling your parking with a relaxing night of sleep.

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