Picturesque Viewpoints

Where are the most beautiful viewing points in the world and the US?

Our planet is filled with captivating wonders and spectacular views. While some are man-made and others are naturally formed, the world’s best viewing spots attract thousands of visitors each year.

From the Chicago skyline to the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles, the world’s best viewing points offer panoramic views of natural landscapes and bustling cities. But where are the world’s most picturesque viewing spots?

We looked at the most popular viewpoints across the world, and in the US, to see which has the most tagged Instagram posts. If you love to travel, and get that perfect Insta-worthy shot, here are some of the world’s most picturesque views to add to your bucket list. 

The most picturesque viewpoints in the US

1. Grand Canyon, Arizona: #GrandCanyon – 4,133,265 posts

The Grand Canyon National Park has unbelievable views from almost any point, proving popular across Instagram with 4,133,265 posts. The Grand Canyon itself is around 446 km long, up to 29 km wide, and 1,857 meters deep. The destination’s endless viewing points offer awe-inspiring views of one of the world’s original seven natural wonders.

2. Golden Gate Bridge, California: #GoldenGateBridge – 3,152,966 posts

When the Golden Gate Bridge was constructed in 1937, it was the tallest and longest suspension bridge the world had ever seen. Today it is a symbol of the United States and is one of the best high places to see the city of San Francisco. Visitors that arrive at San Francisco International can take the subway, a bus, or a taxi to reach the Golden Gate Bridge in under two hours. 

3. Empire State Building, New York: #EmpireStateBuilding – 3,064,351 posts

In third place, the Empire State Building stands 102 stories tall and is one of the most famous buildings in the States. The observation deck is located on the 86th level and offers views of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and Massachusetts on a clear day. 

The most picturesque viewpoints in the world

1. Eiffel Tower, France: #EiffelTower – 7,016,648 posts

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most iconic landmarks on the Parisian skyline, offering unparalleled views of the world’s most romantic city. Accessible via a glass lift, the top of the tower is 276 meters off the ground and the views of Paris are unrivaled. Perhaps it’s no surprise to see that the Eiffel Tower comes in first place as the most picturesque viewpoint, with 7,016,648 tagged posts.

2. Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates: #BurjKhalifa – 6,001,463 posts

In second place, the Burj Khalifa offers one of the world’s most picturesque viewpoints, with 6,001,463 tagged Instagram posts. At over 828 meters tall, with over 160 stories, the Burj Khalifa holds the world record for the tallest building, the tallest free-standing structure, and the building with the highest number of stories. At the Top is a Burj Khalifa experience where visitors can visit level 124, which is over 400 meters above ground, and enjoy views from the observation deck. 

3. Grand Canyon, Arizona: #GrandCanyon – 4,133,265 posts

As one of the world’s seven wonders, it’s no surprise that the Grand Canyon is one of the most picturesque viewpoints in the world. The most Instagrammed of all the viewpoints we looked at in the States, the Grand Canyon has endless viewing spots. Many are located at the South Rim, which is one of the most popular locations for visiting tourists.


We wanted to find the most picturesque viewing points in the world and throughout the US, so we used lists from Cheapism, Insider, LoveExploring, FarandWide, and Insider.

We then used Instagram to find the total number of posts uploaded with each viewpoint’s hashtag on June 8th, 2022.