Strap on Your Winged Sandals

Imagine that for less money than it costs to climb Mt. Everest, you could take a flight into space.  This week, Fox reported that Star Systems, Inc. has developed a prototype craft that will  undergo tests and possibly lead to commercial flights beyond the Earth’s atmosphere.

The craft has been named Hermes, after the Greek god of myth.  Among his duty as the messenger of his fellow Olympian deities, Hermes was the god of travel.  According to Star Systems, Inc, it was Hermes’ association with travel that earned him the position as the craft’s namesake, because Star Systems, Inc. is surpassing boundaries, which is often a paramount element of travel.

While at first, space travel will be costly (Star Systems, Inc. predicts that the trip will cost as much as a new car…though which new car they’re using for comparison is key…incidentally, they haven’t said).  Eventually, as with all new technology, the price will decrease.  Eventually space travel will be available to more and more of the public.  Imagine booking your parking and hotel reservations for the nearest space port with ParkSleepFly in the future.  No matter how the price falls on commercial space travel, it will never be “inexpensive.”  With ParkSleepFly, at least you’ll get affordable parking and hotel rates.

Slot Auctions out of Newark

MarketWatch in Washington, D.C. reported recently that the Air Transport Association (ATA) is filing a lawsuit agaiinst the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) because the ATA believes the FAA is acting unlawfully in its decision to auction off slots at Newark Airport.  James C. May, the CEO and President of ATA, commented to MarketWatch that, regarding the FAA’s actions, “inhibit economic growth and further tax an already overtaxed traveling public.”  On page six of the ATA’s comments to the FAA on this matter, the FAA has not begun this auction with the consent of Congress, which would be necessary in order for the auction to be legal.

If the FAA legally administers this auction, and the ATA’s assessment holds true, travelers can expect further increases in the cost of traveling, at least when it comes to the airlines itself.  As far as parking and airport hotel reservations are concerned, ParkSleepFly is dedicated as ever to bring you affordable rates, hoping to lessen the cost of travel so that you needn’t sacrifice your vacation plans.

Suppose you’re checking into the Raddison, ranked four stars by fellow customers who have stayed there, for one week.  For less than two hundred dollars, you could stay at the hotel the night before you fly and park there for the entire week, with a free shuttle that will transport you between your terminal and the hotel.  So even if traveling in and out of Newark Liberty Airport were to become more expensive, at least you could park and stay at a nearby hotel for affordable rates.

Online Travel Booking: Where You can be Your Own Agent

In recent years, more and more travelers have been booking elements of their vacations online.  Airplane tickets were one of the first elements of travel that allowed for online purchase, mostly because airlines already booked tickets for travel agents using a computer system.  Hotels room booking over the internet was quick to follow for large hotel chains, but took a little while longer for inns and B&B’s.  Travel packages became popular for hotel rooms and airline tickets, guaranteeing your flight and a hotel room when you arrived at your destination.

Now, the travel agent has become the internet.  ParkSleepFly is a pioneer in the realm of self-booking travel arrangements, allowing travelers to book hotel rooms and airport parking, for the purpose of making getting to the airport on time easier and more stress free.  Whereas many airports do not even allow travelers to book their parking, ParkSleepFly allows travelers to book hotel rooms and parking ahead of time, when they book their trip, and for less money.

Planning a trip used to be far more time consuming.  Travelers had to go to see a travel agent, collect reading material, go home and review it with their families, return to the travel agent (or call) to have everything booked, and then await confirmation.  Nowadays, travelers can get onto the internet (which for many doesn’t even involve dialing anymore), look up where they’d like to visit, book their airfare, hotels and parking, and print out confirmation then and there, from the comfort of their home.

While this shift has not been beneficial to travel agents who do not wish to adapt, it adds convenience for the traveler, so that more focus can be placed on enjoying the trip itself.  Imagine missing out on climbing to the top of Il Duomo to see all of Florence, Italy, or not seeing the whale breach on the port side because you’re busy rearranging your itinerary to spend one more day on vacation, when you could enjoy your trip and use the hotel’s free wi-fi later that evening to adjust your travel plans.

ParkSleepFly is part of this shift toward greater convenience, at a lower price, for travelers.

Airlines Continue to Charge

Hungry for a pre-flight cookie?  Want a meal?  How about a drink of water?  Be sure you have cash on you, or that you’ve brought your own food and water in security-approved containers, else you’re going to have a very hungry flight.  The need for cash is only temporary though; soon you’ll be able to use plastic to buy your water or pillow.

Charging for something like a cookie or an elaborate meal may be understandable, though the price of those used to be built into your ticket.  Charging for items such as a bottle of water though could prove more than inconvenient.  As the weeks go by, travel by airline seems to get more and more expensive, but it’s no fun to be grounded when you could be enjoying one last summer vacation.

That’s why ParkSleepFly wants to help to save you money by providing affordable reservations for your hotel room and parking near the airport so that you can make your flight without the stress of morning traffic and lines, and without feeling as though you’ve been forced into paying extra for what you need.

Packages include a hotel room and a given number of days of parking that usually amount to far less than parking at the airport, which can cost, at minimum, eight dollars per day.  Over one week that’s already more than fifty dollars to simply park!

Say yes to ParkSleepFly, and say no to extra charges!

ParkSleepFly & Travel Mall: Convenience at the Click of a Mouse

You’ve planned the perfect vacation.  Your itinerary is flawless, you’ve researched the best hot spots at your destination and you can practically recite the Zagat Guide from memory.  As your vacation departure approaches, excitment builds, but you’re feeling calm and confident.  You’re not going to have to worry about traffic or missing your flight because you’ve already reserved a hotel room and parking for the night before with ParkSleepFly.  You’re quite looking forward to perusing the next morning’s paper while you ride the complimentary shuttle directly to your terminal.

A fateful trip into your attic or basement reveals that your luggage is worn and features a stubborn zipper, that, if it were to catch on your carry-on, you could be responsible for security delays and exasperated sighs from fellow travelers as they’re forced to wait while you fight with your old luggage.  After making the command decision that some new luggage is in order, where do you go to buy luggage at an affordable price?  To whom do you turn?

ParkSleepFly has your answer.  With multiple luggage providers available through the Travel Mall website, you can find the right luggage for the right price.  Just like finding the right hotel for the right price, you can rely on ParkSleepFly and listed affiliates linked in the Travel Mall.  Reliability, quality and affordability…what better qualities to adopt in relation to travel?