In-Flight Must Haves

The airline industry, despite not changing much since its inception, has gotten relatively high-tech in the past few years. The progression of technology has made flying so much more entertaining and much less of a hassle. You’ll still being crammed into a sardine can 6,000 feet in the air, but at least you won’t be bored or miserable! If you want to make your next flight the best possible, check out our list of the top 7 in-flight must haves!


1.) Kindle Paperwhite – This nifty device should be in the pocket of all frequent travelers. It’s essentially a handheld boredom buster! It can hold an almost limitless amount of books, apps, downloaded movies, etc. It has an impressively long battery life so even if you’re flying over every time zone, you still won’t need a recharge. The adjustable back-lighting is perfect for overnight flights or long layovers in dingy airports. And the fact that it’s so inexpensive is just the icing on the cake!

2.) Mophie Juice Pack – Gone are the days of waiting for an open charging station at the airport to plug in your dying phone. The innovative mophie case takes phone care to a whole new level. Not only is this flexible case a veritable suit of armor for your phone, but it has a built in charger! Keep your phone fully juiced at all times during your travel and keep it safe from turbulence (or just clumsy hands) all in one fell swoop.

3.) Jott App – One of the worst strokes of luck when traveling with other people is getting seated separately. But you needn’t fear, the Jott app is here! The next time this traveling disaster befalls you and your traveling companions, just open up the Jott app and you can text via bluetooth throughout your flight. Now you can all have window seats with zero complaints!

4.) Airhook – The Airhook is a simple and versatile tool that is so handy for those tight airline spaces. It’s a hook and built-in cup holder that mounts to the tray table and frees up some of that precious airline space. It can be used as a movie theater to hold your tablet, or as your cup holder so don’t spill your drink when turbulence hits. You wouldn’t think such a small device could have such an impact but this handy hook really helps with the claustrophobia feeling while flying!

5.) Spotify Premium – For those that love zoning out to great tunes while traveling, this inexpensive app can’t be beat! The premium service includes unlimited music, free downloads to avoid data usage, no annoying ads and the ability to play (or skip) any song you’d like to hear (or not hear.) And, you can get it all for a really low price point. They also often have specials for premium service where you can snag a few months of service for only $1-$10!

6.) Bose QuietComfort – If you’re a frequent red-eye traveler and have trouble falling asleep with lots of noise, the Bose QuietComfort noise canceling headphones are going to be your new best friend. These top of the line wireless headphones won’t have you tangled in cords as you sleep and the sound quality is superb when you’d rather use them to listen to music rather than cancel it out. The battery life also happens to be excellent, so you won’t be waking up halfway through your flight. There are no better headphones on the market right now for noise cancellation so they are worth every penny of their somewhat hefty price tag.

7.) Eye mask – If you’re planning on getting any shut-eye while traveling, you’ll want to have an eye mask to block out all of the distractions of a busy flight. There’s no best mask for everyone, so you’ll need to find one that fits your personal needs, but there is no shortage of options. There are form fitting masks and those with cooling effects, extra blackout features and even aromatherapy or charcoal to help with headaches. Or let your personality shine and get one that doubles as a cat mask. The sky is the limit, but you’ll definitely want one of these in your carry on before you take to the skies!

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