Destinations That are Legendary for Their Coffee Beans

Coffee is the third-most popular drink in the world behind only water and tea. Today, the mighty coffee bean is cultivated in over 70 countries. While coffee beans have traditional been grown and cultivated near the equator, a greater understanding of agriculture is leading to more countries throwing their hats in the ring. Still, Central America, Southeast Asia, and Africa continue to lead the charge in terms of coffee bean cultivation. But where is coffee the most popular around the globe?


Everyone who really loves coffee and can’t wait to race downstairs to get that first cup going should definitely consider visiting Italy at least once. The country has literally centuries of coffee history under its belt, and Italy is renowned for its cappuccino and espresso. What surprises most people, though, about Italy is that coffee there is incredibly affordable because coffee in Italy is seen as a social lubricant of sorts and it seems to be a ubiquitous part of life on the other side of the Atlantic. Considering the fact that Italy boasts nearly 200,000 cafes and coffee bars, you won’t have any trouble grabbing a cup!


Columbia is located in South America and an essential part of any roundup of the best coffee spots from around the world. Columbia is one of the primary spots for growing and cultivating coffee partly because of the variety of microclimates that allow for year-round cultivation of myriad different coffee beans. The implications for tourists is that they can drop in whenever they like and get a world-class tour of a coffee growing facility without any fear that the region will be seeing a bunch of fallow fields. There’s so much biodiversity in the Columbian countryside and beautiful people to curate you around the sites that you’ll wonder why you didn’t visit Columbia sooner.


Another island that sometimes gets overlooked when doing this kind of roundup is Hawaii. That’s somewhat understandable but less so once you consider how popular Kona coffee and Kauai coffee have been recently. Hawaii boasts literally millions of coffee trees and thousands of acres dedicated to growing the spectacular Kona coffee bean. Hawaii is unique among coffee destinations due to the growing conditions: volcanic soil, trade winds, year-round tropical weather, and tropical rain.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is in Central America, and the coffee juggernaut has been growing and cultivating coffee since at least as far back as the 18th century. Costa Rica is a tourist destination par excellence because of its wonderful tropical weather, but you’ll find quite a bit of hospitality among Costa Rica’s coffee farmers. Aside from the opportunity to take day tours of hundreds of different coffee fields, you’ll have the chance to take classes on brewing your own lattes once you set down your bags and reflect on the trip from the comfort of your home. The organic coffee movement has recently made Costa Rica’s coffee growing practices even more attractive to health-conscious consumers from all around the globe.

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