Wondering How You Can Celebrate the History of Cinco de Mayo?

Falling on May 5 each year, Cinco de Mayo has been celebrated by Mexican American communities across the nation with parades, parties, and the best of Mexican cuisine. 

Cinco de Mayo’s history dates back to 1862, with the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory over France at the Battle of Puebla. The holiday really started to become a bigger event in the US in the 1960s, turning the celebratory nature of this date into a true event.

Celebrate the holiday with a taste of Mexican heritage, with ParkSleepFly’s guide to embracing the Cinco de Mayo history.

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Visit the biggest Cinco de Mayo parades

Cinco de Mayo is celebrated across the US, with some festivals and parades offering not only an occasion to party but to appreciate Mexican culture’s roots in the US, with regional music and dancing filling the streets.

Portland, Oregon, has been celebrating the holiday with its sister city Guadalajara since 1983. You can expect a big focus on the tapatío heritage during the city-wide festival, including a whole host of arts, music and dancing. The annual Cinco de Mayo Fiesta takes place at Tom McCall Waterfront Park and promises Mexican-themed fun from 11am up until 11pm. Experiencing Mexico from the US has never been easier, with fun, food, drinks and dancing promised until the late evening.

For a slower-paced Cinco de Mayo, why not enjoy the day at Walt Disney World? You can find Mexican-themed treats throughout the parks, but to be fully immersed in celebrations means a trip to Epcot: World Showcase. Cinco de Mayo falls in line with the 2023 Flower and Garden Festival, meaning the park will be very busy for Cinco de Mayo! The Epcot Mexico Pavillion is guaranteed to be serving the very best of traditional food and beverages found in Mexico.

Visit the Battle of Puebla re-enactment

If you’re thinking of staying true to the roots of the holiday, visit Puebla in Mexico to be immersed in Cinco de Mayo’s true history. Alongside the festivals and parades you can count on stateside, you will have the chance to experience re-enactments of the Battle of Puebla.

Tens of thousands of residents participate in the city’s parade. You can anticipate seeing Mariachi bands playing in the streets, as well as dancing and fireworks. The festival draws more than a million visitors every year and it turns into a month-long celebration across the state. If you’re thinking of booking your trip to this amazing location steeped in Mexican history, book your travel essentials from ParkSleepFly with a complete hotel and parking package.

The city of Puebla is the fourth largest in Mexico. With a hive of activities kicking off to highlight its unique place in history, you are guaranteed a trip rich in Mexican heritage and spirit.

Immerse yourself in Mexican cuisine

While you may be enjoying the holiday with a drink in hand, Cinco de Mayo offers the perfect opportunity for you to embrace authentic Mexican food and drink to the full. 

The state of Puebla is renowned for its native mole poblano, which is one of the country’s most typical dishes. It is found widely in kitchens across the state during Cinco de Mayo celebrations, making it the perfect destination for an authentic taste of Mexico. 

Of course, what is a holiday without a sip of the finest tequila, a bottle of cold cerveza or a fruity margarita? Cinco de Mayo is after all an occasion to celebrate Mexico’s victory in battle.

Houston is also known for its celebration of Cinco de Mayo, with various restaurants around the city offering a plethora of traditional cuisine. Armandos, Cadillac Bar, Candente and world-famous Chipotle are just a few of the eateries offering various deals and Cinco de Mayo-themed treats galore.

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