Heart Healthy Hotels

Some hotels can be hard on your wallet, but no hotel should ever be hard on your heart. February is National American Heart Health Month, so consider giving your ticker a little TLC and visit these hotels that are doing their part to keep you happy and healthy.

1. The Talbott Hotel – Chicago, Illinois

The Talbott Hotel takes your health seriously. Guests have access to an on-site 55,000 square-foot Equinox Fitness Center. They’re also provided with a training consultant who can help them make the most of their fitness routine while away from home. Upon check-in, guests are presented with a snack of almonds and information on the healthy benefits of the snack. This luxury hotel treats you like family and looks after your heart health with the utmost care.

2. Fairmont, Copley Plaza – Boston, Massachusetts

The Fairmont goes to great lengths to provide guests with a healthy home away from home. For a small fee, the Fairmont Fit program will deliver athletic shoes, running-route maps, and a pre-loaded MP3 player straight to your room. Top-of-the-line fitness equipment awaits guests in the on-site gym, and the hotel partners with area fitness clubs to offer a wide range of heart healthy activities.

3. Hilton Hotels and Resorts – Various Locations

The Hilton has long been a name in the hotel industry; now it’s also in on the heart health conversation. A recent upgrade in the hotel’s fitness room equipment allows guests to get a state-of-the-art workout. The hotel has also taken significant strides in offering more health-conscious food selections. The chain-wide Eat Right menu provides guests with heart-healthy food options, and the hotel’s breakfast buffet has been color-coded to make eating healthy a lot easier.

4. The Muse – New York, New York

This boutique hotel, which is part of the Kimpton chain, does a lot to promote the health of their guests. The in-room Mind.Body.Spa program provides guests with private relaxation and health initiatives, including on-demand Pilates on the television. Let the minibar tempt you all it wants – it’s stocked with organic foods and drinks for guilt-free snacking.

5. The Westin – Sydney, Australia

Sydney boasts the world’s longest life expectancy and with hotels like The Westin it’s not hard to see why. The Westin has partnered with New Balance to create a health campaign for its guests like none other. From complimentary use of athletic footwear to tips on maintaining health and wellness while on vacation, the Westin is doing its part to keep guests in tip top shape. The Westin Wii program also allows adventurous patrons to face off against Westin fitness trainers or other guests in head-to-head video game competitions.

With food so good you won’t believe it’s healthy, state-of-the-art fitness centers, and organic minibars, hotels across the country and around the world are helping their guests take care of their tickers. Celebrate National American Heart Health Month by staying at a hotel that will keep you and your heart happy.


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