15 Reasons Why You Need a Vacation Now

Take a Vacation Now

Pavel Lukichev

Sometimes you just need a break. But we all know that’s much easier said than done. Perhaps you feel like you don’t deserve a vacation or your career responsibilities keep you from enjoying your vacation time. Maybe you feel as though you’re job will suffer if you pack up and leave for a week. But, studies actually show that taking a vacation is beneficial to your career! Here are 15 reasons why you should take a vacation now. So stop daydreaming about sandy beaches and start packing!


1. Health Benefits – Taking a vacation isn’t just good for the soul, it’s good for the body, too. Health benefits for vacations include decreasing heart disease risk, increased mental acuity, decreased depression, less stress and improved productivity.


2. Increased Creativity – Nothing helps boost creativity more than a change of surroundings. That creative spark needs inspiration and there’s no better inspiration than a much-needed trip. Many “A-HA” moments come while sipping cocktails on a beach or while experiencing a new culture.


3. Change of Perspective – The daily grind can get monotonous to everyone. Seeing the world outside of your 9-5 routine is imperative to spark new ideas, gratitude and perspective.

Change Perspective

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4. Meet New People – Get acquainted with new people in a new city, country or continent. It’ll open your eyes to new cultures, viewpoints and stories.


5. You’ll Amp Up Your Productivity – Vacations are a great time to recharge. When you get back into the office, you’ll be rested and more productive than you were prior to your vacation. That’ll be sure to give you the boost you needed career-wise!


6. Reduce Stress – As everyone knows, life can oftentimes be pretty stressful. Vacations are a great respite from those daily stressors. You have very little responsibility for the duration of your trip and that in of itself is enough for reduce stress.


7. Nurture Personal Relationships – Relationships need to be nurtured and vacations are a special time in which to make memories and reconnect. Life is short, and taking a trip with those you love should top your to-do list.

Nurture Relationships

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8. Push Your Boundaries – Vacations are a great way to push yourself outside of your comfort zone. You can try new foods from different cultures, experience activities you wouldn’t otherwise have access to, or get bold and try something daring that the locals suggest.


9. Get Outside – Remember what marvelous sunshine on your face feels like? Most vacations include ample time outdoors, which most desk jobs don’t allow. Soak in some much needed Vitamin D instead of just soaking in more rays from your computer screen.


10. Try Something New – Do you have something you’ve been meaning to try (skydiving? sushi? the list goes on…), but never made the time? Vacations offer so many new experiences from food to culture. Jump on the bandwagon and try something new!


11. Take a Break From Electronics – Unwind and take a break from e-mails, laptops, tablets, computers and all other screens. You can recharge and reconnect with yourself, nature and your vacation partners to feel like a million dollars afterwards.

Take a Break

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12. Reflect and Set New Intentions – Relaxation is at its best while on vacation, which tends to make self-reflection pretty easy. Take a look at what you really want in life and return from you trip with a new plan for improvement.


13. Escape Real Life – Everyone knows that the adult world can be relatively humdrum. There are money problems, relationship problems, work problems, and the list goes on. Sometimes, the best way to face all of those problems is to run away from them for a little while.


14. Have More Stories to Share – Your friends are tired of the same 3 stories you tell at parties. Do them a favor and spice up your repertoire of candid tales to share and take a trip. When people go on vacation, they inevitably wind up with at least a handful of new anecdotes that can be tossed into rotation.


15. Your Happiness Will Be Contagious – People are usually beaming with happiness after a vacation, and that tends to be contagious. Share your vacation photos and your new stories and you’ll improve the mood of everyone in your office.


Everyone has a million excuses why they can’t take a vacation: money is tight, the kids are in school, the boss is in a foul mood. We humans work hard. We work long hours, work hard in our homes on the weekends and sleep with our phones in a vice grip. We should be able to play harder. Rejuvenate yourself and go book your next vacation now!


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