13 Holiday Gifts for Frequent Flyers

If you have globetrotters on your Christmas list, you may find it difficult to brainstorm gift ideas for them due to their tendency to be minimalists at heart. And you may often wonder what you could possibly get them that they couldn’t pick up during their travels. If someone you love travels for a living (or for pleasure), we’re here to make your day! Our curated list of the top thirteen best and most thoughtful traveler’s gifts is sure to please even the most discerning jet-setter in your life.

1.) Scratch-Off World Map 
An inexpensive yet beautiful scratch-off map is the perfect gift for the traveler who already has it all. All jet-setters love documenting their travels, so why not do it in a highly visible (and admittedly fun) way?

2.) Travel Journal 
If your sightseer would like something less visible and more intimate, consider purchasing a creative travel journal, like “I Was Here”, which will prompt globetrotters to see the world in a more exciting way.

3.) Hearty Luggage
There is no better present for a frequent traveler than a great set of luggage or travel bags. If the fabulous Away Suitcase is out of your budget, a versatile duffel bag or fun, yet light beach bag will never go to waste.

4.) Eyemask
A good eyemask means the difference between landing somewhere feeling rested and feeling like you’re the walking dead. This year, give the gift of glorious rest with a soft and breathable eyemask like AllBirds or Slip Silk.

5.) Fabulous skincare
Giving the gift of great skincare is another thoughtful, and often overlooked option. The SK-II Facial Treatment Mask is sure to get their skin back to 100% before their flight even lands.

6.) Noise-canceling headphones
The frequent traveler in your life will love you forever if you show up on Christmas morning with the Bose QuietComfort noise-canceling headphones. Not only will they be able to sleep comfortably even on the loudest of flights, but they’ll get to enjoy crisp, clear music for the entirety of their trip.

7.) Versatile Fabrics
When traveling, it’s helpful to have items that can serve dual purposes. Getting something like the Eau Club Gigi Towel will have your friend thinking of you everytime they’re cold, needs a swimsuit cover-up or a light towel to use.

8.) The Trtl pillow 
This genius pillow is really more like a scarf with a built-in support system that you wrap around your neck and head, cradling you in the perfect upright sleep position.

9.) Travel Inspired Jewelry
If your friend has a favorite place on this planet, consider getting them some jewelry that represents that destination. You could get them a beautiful map pendant or if they’re more eclectic, there are endless options on Etsy for this type of thing.

10.) Craft kits for the world-savvy
Crafty travelers will love a considerate gift that combines two of their passions. The DMC, Europe and Africa Embroidery Kit or a color-your-own world map are sure to keep artistic travelers entertained.

11.) Camera Upgrades
There’s a reason that tourists are known for having their cameras out wherever they go: everyone loves vacation photos! If the traveler in your life is not camera-savvy, try one of the hip new instant cameras on the market that are super simple to use and give you instantaneous souvenirs to hand off to newly-made friends. If they happen to be a budding photographer, the Xenvo Lens Kit can take their simple phone pictures to a whole new professional level.

12.) Gift Cards
If all else fails, you can always hand off a thoughtful gift card this year. If your globetrotter is brand-loyal, get them a card to their preferred airline or hotel chain. If not SkyHour is a great option, which lets you gift money towards flights through over 300 airlines, are wonderful catch-all options that won’t be restrictive for the recipient.

13.) Thoughtful vacation-boosters
Travelers are always looking for new experiences, but usually while trying to juggle a budget. So make a dream come true by booking a wine-tasting, a spa day or a zip lining adventure for your friend in their next destination; just be sure to pick an excursion that you know the receiver will appreciate. You could also choose to add a little luxury to their trip by upgrading their accommodations as a surprise.


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