Beating The Travel Bug When You Can’t Travel

Despite the overexposure to travel inspiration and photographs through social media, most of us don’t spend the better part of our time traveling abroad. There are plenty of reasons for this. We can’t travel because of health, money scheduling issues or more. It can be frustrating to be in one place when you feel the rest of the world calling to you, but what do we do when traveling really isn’t attainable in the near future? There are still ways to explore other cultures without having to travel.

  • Exploring Your City and Outskirts

Depending on where you live, the chances are you haven’t seen your city’s full potential. Spend some time looking for different events happening around town. We love finding things to do through city newsletters and sites like You might find a festival or event giving you a glimpse into another culture. Are you close to the beach, the mountains or the desert? Maybe it’s time to pay a visit to a neighboring town? Once you remove proximity out of the equation, you could find yourself captivated by the small-town charm or breathtaking mountainscapes.  

  • Discovering Another World Through Media

Yearning to travel as a way to escape your current environment? If you can’t travel, why not stop by your local library and find a book or two? Whether you immerse yourself in a travel memoir or get lost in a science fiction world, you’ll be able to read about things you’ve never experienced before. Not much of a bookworm? There’s a surplus of documentaries and shows that focus on the different aspects of travel. You can find everything from adventure-based travel videos  to food-oriented travel shows.

  • Immersing Yourself in Culinary Experiences

One of the best parts of experiencing another culture through travel is food. If your finances aren’t one of your hindrances, try out a restaurant that specializes in a foreign cuisine! If you’d rather not shell out money to a restaurant, there’s still options. Thanks to the internet, you can find dozens of authentic recipes online for whichever culture you’re captivated by. Don’t know where to start? Taste of Home has 80 different recipes you can test out right now. You’ll get the flavors of the world without straying from your own kitchen.

  • Reassessing Your Limitations

Look at your restrictions. If your main hindrance is getting time off from work, make a list of closer locations that you can visit on a three-day weekend associated with a government holiday.

Maybe you’re too tight on money. Examine your budget and see if you can cut anything from your expenses. Yes, there’s always that example of cutting out your morning latte from Starbucks, but it’s a metaphor for filtering what is essential and what is not. Nowadays, there are also many cheap travel websites and search engines that can bring the costs down. One of our favorites is Russell Hannon’s Break The Travel Barrier.

Do you have mobility issues? Knowing which countries are the most accessible and disability-friendly can make your travel plans less intimidating.

The strategy to squeeze in more travel largely depends on your limitations, and it’s possible to make a breakthrough once you’ve pinpointed the biggest obstacles in your way. The world is a beautiful place we should all be able to explore, and we hope that these ideas will get you one step closer to enjoying the new perspectives that traveling the world can offer.

Iona Brannon

Based out of Los Angeles, Iona Brannon is a content producer for Her hobbies include looking at airplane tickets, sitting in LA traffic, and occasionally yelling at other drivers.