3 Tips for a Friction-Free Airport Visit

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This week, we’re featuring a guest post by Taylor McQuiston, who  blogs about all things Valet Parking at The Valet Spot Blog.

When was the last time you had to go to the airport? Maybe you were leaving on a flight or maybe you were picking someone up. Either way, you most likely dealt with the uncomfortable uncertainty of traveling to the airport.

Have you ever had those traffic cops yelling at you to move your car as you tried to pick up or drop off a friend or loved one? If you haven’t let me tell you that it is a horrible feeling.

Or worse, have you ever had to run down the terminal holding on to your bags for dear life hoping to make your flight on time?

Why is traveling to the airport so stressful? We hinted at it already. It’s the uncertainty of what’s going to happen.

Today, we’ll help remove that uncertainty by planning ahead to ensure a fun and friction free airport visit. Whether you are going on a trip for yourself or just picking up/dropping off someone, you can use these three tips to remove the uncertainty and the stress of traveling to the airport.

1.     Plan Ahead

Take a few minutes the day or two before the trip to plan ahead. Make sure you have the directions to the airport and the customer support phone number written down somewhere in your car or on your phone.

Write down the flight number and what time it arrives or departs as well as what terminal you need to be at. Lastly, put aside a couple of bucks in case the airport has a toll when you leave. Having these things in the glove compartment of your car ensures that you’ll have everything that you need.

2.     Communicate

Communicate with all involved parties. If you are meeting someone at the airport or dropping someone off, talk to them and figure out their expectations for the trip. It might sound obvious, but you’d be surprised how often this gets overlooked and then complications arise. The last thing you want is to argue with someone at the airport or in the car.

If this is a solo trip for you, you’ll still need some help. Whether it is a cab to and from the airport or a hotel once you get to your location, it pays to call up in advance and explain your travel itinerary and ask “Is there anything I need to know?” This is where that customer support number you wrote down will come in handy.

3.     Parking with Peace of Mind

Now that we have gotten ready for our trip to the airport, it’s time to head out. To make the trip as frictionless as possible, you will want to take one extra measure and consider your airport parking options.

Most airports have parking lots where you can park for the length of your trip, though these tend to be expensive, and are often full.

The other option is to leave your car at a parking lot near the airport. These lots offer shuttle service to and from the airport and cost much less than on-site parking. They also offer expanded options such as reserving spots in advance and maintenance services like car washes or even minor repairs and oil changes.

Another popular off-site option is the Park Sleep Fly model, where you book a stay at a hotel near the airport either before or after your trip and leave your car there. This is a great way to rest up for an early departure or after a late return.

Valeting Your Car

One of the often-overlooked parking options is to use valet service. You may be surprised to learn that you can valet your car at both on- and off-airport lots.

With an on-site valet, you can drive right up to the airport entrance and drop off your car and not have to worry about it. This is great if you are short on time and have the extra money.

Off-airport lots offer valet service with the same amenities, and by calling ahead and planning it with them, the process can be easy and often cheaper. Use a service like AirportParkingReservations.com for the peace of mind of a reservation at an off-airport lot, and all you need to do is show up.

By taking advantage of valet, frequent travelers can substantially cut down on the hassle and time they spend getting to and from the airport.

Likewise, when you get back, you’ll be able to arrange to have your car delivered to you right on time instead of having to make the hike or commute back to your car after a long flight.

These different parking options combined with a little planning and communication should make your next airport trip a breeze.


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