Do More & Spend Less While Traveling

You’ve just reached your destination. Adrenaline is high, you’re excited, and naturally, you want to take in everything that your new vacation spot has to offer.

Of course, while exploring all the sights and sounds of a new locale can be a blast, enjoying all those popular attractions could cost you. Between flights and lodging, you’ve already spent a pretty penny. So you’re going to want to enjoy your new surroundings without further breaking the bank.

Here are some ways to save some dough while still enjoying everything your new destination has to offer.

Free Walking Tours
Want to get a lay of the land and start to feel like a local? Sniff out the closest bakery to your hotel or take in historical landmarks by engaging in a free walking tour. Not only will it help you get your bearings, but you’ll probably come across some of the area’s popular sights. Most major cities in Europe offer free walking tours, as do cities across Asia, Australia and the United States.  So strap on your tennis shoes and grab that walking stick!

Take in a Museum
If you’re a museum lover, you probably had this idea in mind anyway. But if not … especially if your trip takes you to Europe, keep in mind that famous museums, including The Louvre in Paris, offer discounted and sometimes even free admission. If you’re visiting London, there are a host of free museums including the British Museum, which houses the Rosetta Stone. Of course, famous landmarks like Big Ben and the London Bridge are free to visit and definite must-see attractions on your next trip. Your best bet is to call or visit the museum’s website to see what deals they are offering curious visitors like yourself.

Ditch the Cab
As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do.” Traveling around town in a cab might seem quick and convenient, but it’s also costly. Instead, opt for public transportation; it’ll often be a far more thrifty way to get around. Besides, most important landmarks usually can be reached by bus or subway. Or, if you happen to be traveling amid some warmer, friendlier weather, see if bike rentals are an option. Nothing’s lovelier than feeling a fair summer breeze on your face as you take in the city.

Use the Locals to Your Advantage
Who knows more about local deals and free entertainment like the locals? Take advantage of your hotel concierge, visitor’s centers and even your waiter. Even locals like to save money when they have fun. So, they’ll likely know the best places to get cheap drinks and eats, or where to catch a free live show … and because the locals hang out there, it might not be buzzing with tourists.

You can easily see the world while sticking to a budget, so use these tips to enjoy your trip without worrying about your bank account.

And before basking in your destination’s local culture, remember that you need to get there first. So take some stress out of your travel by booking your pre-flight lodging and choosing the perfect parking package through ParkSleepFly!




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