You’ll Want To Bring These Essentials On Your Next Flight

Travelers heading out of the airplane

Whether you’re taking a flight next week or next year, air travel has changed, and we may never see it the way it used to be. It’s completely normal to have a sense of anxiety or dread when it comes to getting on your next airplane, but a few essentials can help create a sense of calm and make your journey as safe as possible.

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Bring Extra Face Masks Or Face Shields 

Having an extra face mask can give you a backup option in case you want to switch masks halfway through your trip or if your mask breaks. While some airlines do offer free masks to travelers who need one, many airlines charge extra if you end up needing another mask. Face shields are an alternative option to help contain air droplets while traveling. Some travelers even combine the two when traveling.

Use Sanitizing Wipes

Airlines across the United States are taking their cleanings to the next level, but sometimes travelers need a little personal reassurance. When buying wipes, make sure that they are for disinfecting, not just for cleaning. These wipes come in handy for the headrest, armrests, and tray table in any airplane. You can also use the wipes to clean the bathroom latches and other heavily-touched parts of the airplane.

Munch On Your Own Snack Pack

Food and drink options are extremely limited on most flights due to COVID-19. Airlines are trying to restrict person-to-person contact as much as possible. If you get hungry easily or if your flight is long, you’ll definitely want to pack your own snacks. Not only will you save money, but you’ll also reduce your risk of spreading germs with others. TSA regulations still restrict liquids on flights, so bring a reusable water bottle to fill up at the airport water fountain. When picking out a water bottle, an insulated one can keep your drinks hot or cold for those long flights.

Stay Warm With A Lightweight Blanket

In an attempt to keep airplane air circulating as much as possible, airlines are asking passengers to open up their air vents as much as possible. This can create an even chillier environment than the normal frigid airplane temperatures. Many airlines are no longer offering travel blankets for use while onboard, but you can offset the cold temps by bringing a big coat or a light travel blanket.

Industry guidelines are changing at a rapid pace at this time, so be sure to check your airport and airline’s requirements before setting off on your next flight. We hope that with accurate information and a few lightweight essentials, your journey will be a bit more enjoyable. To see the most recent airline guidelines, you can read our article about it here.

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