Why You Need The ParkSleepFly Product (And What It Is)

While the PSF Travel Blog is focused on all things travel, we wanted to take a moment to explain one of our favorite secrets: The ParkSleepFly product. Many of our readers aren’t familiar with one of our favorite travel hacks. Designed to upgrade your travel experience, the ParkSleepFly package takes the stress out of the start and end of the trip.

Have you ever dreaded planning all of the small (and not at all fun) aspects of an upcoming trip? Figuring out parking at the airport or finding a place to stay before or after your flight is stressful. Who needs that headache right before a nice vacation? Instead, leave these details to the professionals: Us, the leaders in airport hotel and parking packages.

How does the ParkSleepFly package work?

We partner with multiple partners across the United States to find airport hotels that offer parking to guests at a discounted rate. When you purchase a PSF package, you can leave your car at the hotel and take one of the hotel shuttles to the airport. The package also includes one night at the hotel which you can choose for the beginning or end of your trip!

What are the perks of the PSF package?

1. Rest up with zero hassle before your flight

Not only is ParkSleepFly.com a great resource for business travel, but utilizing our services will put your mind at ease if you’re traveling with your family, too. If you live far from the airport, no need to count and recount the hours to make sure you don’t miss your flight. You can get to your hotel the night before and get a good night’s rest knowing you won’t hit traffic or any delays that could jeopardize your trip. And if you have kids in tow (as well as their ensuing chaos), we think you’re modern-day superheroes. Staying close to the airport the night before could keep you from missing an early morning flight and provide a transitional space for the kiddos before a flight.

2. Drive yourself to the hotel

It’s not always practical to take an Uber or Lyft to the airport. Sometimes you need to drive yourself but let’s be real, on-site airport parking is overpriced. Booking a hotel for the night before your flight and parking your car securely for the duration of your trip allows you peace of mind and access to your car. This way, you can run errands if you need any last-minute items, all the while saving money (and starting your vacation early)! You will also have the convenience of driving home in the comfort of your own vehicle without having to wait for a car service or public transportation when you’re tired and just want to go home.

3. Cruisers can save as well

These great deals aren’t just for people flying to their destinations. If you have an upcoming cruise and you want to start your vacation a day early, get the luxury of driving to a hotel near your cruise port and have a relaxing evening before boarding. Cruises wait for nobody, so it’s a good idea to be in the port city the night before anyway. You’ll be shuttled to your pier bright and early the next morning and have the advantage of being one of the first people on board.

4. Save $$$ with bundled packages

It’s always economical to bundle vacation packages when you can. You’ll save more by booking a hotel room, parking and your transportation to the airport all together than by booking it separately. You can compare prices and search using various parameters so you get the best price for your individual budget. You’ll also see thousands of reviews from fellow travelers so you can compare hotels and find exactly what you’re seeking for your pre- or post-trip stay.

5. Save money on hotel rooms, too

Even though you’ll save the most by bundling everything into a package, you can also save money if you want to book items separately. ParkSleepFly.com offers great discounts on just hotel rooms if you’re only needing to spend the night somewhere along your route.

If you want to book your ParkSleepFly package today, you’re in for a treat! We’re offering blog readers a special coupon with the code: BLOG5.

Go ahead! What are you waiting for? Transform your pre-flight experience.


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