Best Travel Instagram Photos of The Week (There’s a Sun Dog In There)

It’s that time again! We wanted to show you the amazing travel photos we saw on Instagram this week.

The first is this incredible structure shot in Iceland. We had never seen it before and we are huge fans of all the travel photography taken in Iceland. This structure is called the Arctic Henge, located in one of the most remote villages. The structure is meant to be a massive sundial, as well as an ode to old Norse mythology.

We loved this one of the Olympic National Park. It has us ready to pack up and head to the woods for a long hike or camping trip. The natural beauty of it is simple and breathtaking. We decided to pair it with one of our favorite quotes from one of our top poets, the legendary Walt Whitman. Make sure to follow our Instagram for a steady stream of travel news and inspiration.

We came across this brilliant capture of a magnificent creature in it’s habitat. This was an automatic no-brainer that Chaitanya Deshpande is now one of our new favorite photographers. There is a very special magic to being able to capture a moment like this one.

This one we honestly can’t say much about because it had us literally speechless. Have you ever seen a sun dog so beautiful? Also, please read the caption because the Sun Dog phenomenon is so cool!

This one just pretty much defines our wanderlust. We definitely recommend adding this to your travel bucket list.
Seriously… it doesn’t get much better than this! What were your favorite Instagram moments? Let us know in the comments below!
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