Quality and Service Demands Increase…

…And ParkSleepFly is meeting the challenge.  According to “10 Travel Trends,” written by Marvin Cetron in Travel Weekly (June 2008), current and future generations of travelers care most about services offered and the quality with which they’re executed.  Because of the ever-increasing growth of the internet, travelers are able to instantaneously make public their reviews of hotels and airlines.  Rather than try to stem this increase in public voice, ParkSleepFly encourages travelers to rate their experience at hotels they’ve booked with ParkSleepFly.


This feature not only provides an outlet for travelers to express the quality of their experiences, but adds a higher level of merit and usefulness to travelers who are looking to book reservations.  When searching for hotel accommodations on ParkSleepFly, customers receive not only a commercial rating of each hotel based on a five-star system, but the customer rating as well, based on customer surveys and shown as a rating of one to five stars.


Along with each customer rating, the number of surveys taken is shown, giving each rating a quantifiable value that further empowers the qualified customer rating, further than the commercial rating.  So what does this mean for travelers using ParkSleepFly to book their hotel and airport parking reservations?  Not only will customers be able to view the value assigned to each hotel by the standards of the industry, but also the value assigned to each hotel by their peers.


According to Cetron’s article, individuals ranging from their mid-twenties to over thirty-five years old relate more to their peers than any other traveling generation group.  This inter-generational bond provides the value behind each customer rating for each hotel found with ParkSleepFly, and ParkSleepFly provides the value of reserving hotel and airport parking ahead of time to make each trip more relaxing and therefore, more enjoyable.


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