Our Favorite Nature Photography on Instagram This Week


It is time for another round-up of some nature images we saw on Instagram that were so amazing that we needed to make sure you saw them as well.

We kicked it off with one of the greatest nature images we have seen on Instagram in a while, the beautiful shot was taken in Dolomites, Italy. The photographer is Dorian Pellumbi. It is hard to give words to describe an image like this so we will keep it simple and go with Pellumbi’s caption, Mother Nature is the best artist, full stop.


We needed to include this majestic image of a tree turning colors with the Fall! It is such a wonderful time of years to be in the woods surrounded by trees transitioning along with the season.


We love a wildlife shot in nature that really gives the perspective of the animal. It is such a good shot with the panther in the blur and the focus being from the herd of deer. It is such an intense image with all of the eyes of the herd feeling like it is right on the camera lens. Amazing!


We love this image. Sometimes a simple nature shot of the trees and beautiful fog just makes you want to run into the woods (in the best way ever).


We found this image and caption from Emilyventures very moving. The image makes us think of that beautiful moment when you’re pulling up to a destination that you will marvel at and you get that indescribable type of excitement. It is a reminder that sometimes the best images reflect an indescribable sensation rather than a perfectly technique and execution of an image. We are also completely here for this inspirational caption! Focus on the road ahead.


Foxes are one of those animals that they almost don’t look real, they are so stunning and magical looking! This is perfectly represented in the shot from Morch Foto of a Polar Fox.


Jason Fenmore focuses on wave photography specifically, clearly, it shows. We had to include this image because its amazing for one, but also we were so taken back by the number of colors within it. The image is rich with textures and colors from the sky and water, just wow, wow wow wow.


A magical tree tunnel!? We obviously needed to include this shot via Niels Tichelaar. It is so dreamy, it looks to be on abandoned train tracks. We absolutely want to go here. It looks like a perfect place for an adventure.


This video from Shain Blum struck us so intensely and we needed to include. We found it completely mesmerizing. It reminds us of the flow of nature and to embrace and experience it, to just be a part of it is such a gift!


One of, if not the most beautiful night sky images we have seen. The image was shot by Adrien Mauduit. Again, this is one that it is hard to find words for, we will leave it at spectacular.


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