The Best Nature Photos on Instagram This Week

Its that time again for us to highlight our favorite nature photos of the week from Instagram.

We started out with this incredible shot from Sedona, Arizona. The morning clouds are stunning on the already breathtaking backdrop of the Sedona desert. The canyon walls of Sedona show nine layers of stone from different geological periods that span over millions of years.

We love the aerial perspective of this shot. Amazing to see the waves crashing in at the same time as cars on the highway catching the view on their way.

This photo was shot by one of our new favorite photographers. This one is just amazing. Honestly, we are speechless.

Not only is the snowy mountaintop exquisite, it has a crystal-like lake below it perfectly reflecting it….Beyond beautiful!

Could this photo be more peaceful? We can almost hear the waves quietly crashing against the shore with the mountain in the background. Not to mention the most stunning colors of the sunset!

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