Low Fares from Los Angeles!

These days it’s not uncommon to see articles in the news warning travelers about the rise in airfare prices, due to airlines decreasing flight numbers in order to save on fuel.  What is rare is to find news of low airfare prices.  In the New York Times, Michelle Higgens wrote an article this week called Ahead: Fewer Flights, Fewer Bargains which outlines the increases in airfare.  At the end of the article, Ms. Higgens writes “Horizon Air, which begins daily nonstop flights to Mammoth Yosemite Airport from Los Angeles on December 18, is offering introductory fares of $79 each way.”

While that’s pretty specific, Horizon Air’s introductory rate might be a good way to squeeze out a vacation in 2008, even if your budget did not originally include vacation possibilities.  Unfortunately, ParkSleepFly cannot do anything to further lower the airfare, but already being fairly low, a round trip between LAX and Mammoth Yosemite Airport would cost $158, for the airfare alone.  But we all know that a vacation costs more than airfare.

At ParkSleepFly, you can book a three star hotel plus seven days of parking for less than $140, which is less than you could expect to pay were you to book your hotel through a separate entity, and park at the airport for those seven days.  For less than three hundred dollars, you’d have your roundtrip airfare, a hotel room to stay at the night before your flight (or the night after) and secure parking for the duration of your vacation, plus a complimentary shuttle service between your hotel and the terminal you’re flying from.

Of course you might make the trip for even less if you drive, but you’re looking at almost six hours driving for each leg of the journey.  If your car gets twenty miles to the gallon, you can also expect to pay over $130 in fuel, if fuel is at least $4.50 per gallon, which it likely will be by the time December rolls around.  You also could face some snowy roads, so if you drive the SUV or truck instead, you could expect to pay a good deal more in fuel.

ParkSleepFly means a relaxing trip with less stress.  You won’t have any traffic to deal with, and you can make your reservations ahead of time, so that you don’t have to miss out on a holiday trip in the rush of the holidays.


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