Caught a Late Flight? Stay overnight!

The future of flying and the future of ParkSleepFly are obviously closely tied.  Already, several airlines offer in-flight Wi-Fi services for a small fee, or, in some cases, for free.  The significance of this development will touch the travel industry in many ways, but most important for ParkSleepFly customers is that you will be able to reserve a hotel room from tens of thousands of feet in the air.

Two possible situations are clear and easy to imagine.  Suppose you missed your flight home and caught a later plane, but now you won’t arrive at the airport until the wee hours of the morning.  You’ve already used ParkSleepFly to stay in a hotel and park the night before you departed, but you’re a bit nervous about driving back home without plenty of sleep, during a potentially dangerous driving time.  Perhaps, even, the weather is inclement back at the airport (this information could be known by accessing the internet of course).  You would be able to access ParkSleepFly in order to book a room so that you know you’ll enjoy a safe night’s sleep before your drive home.

Perhaps you were away on business, and you found out that you’d be returning for more meetings in a week’s time.  You could book your hotel room and parking during your flight, saving you time at home when you might want to spend time with your family or do some yard work (although not many people get excited about mowing their lawns).

The addition of Wi-Fi services to the array of in-flight conveniences will be a positive one, for airlines, for ParkSleepFly, but most importantly, for you, providing you consistent access to the internet and making reserving hotel and parking space even easier.

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