Are You Ready for Thanksgiving Travel?

Many people have to travel for business throughout the year. Planning these trips is nothing like those that take place around the holidays. Thanksgiving is definitely one of the most traveled and anticipated holidays for those flying to their destinations. These are trips that involve getting the opportunity to connect with friends and family who are miles away from you.

Although these are trips for pleasure, it is important that they be well planned and organized. The more of this you are able to do before your trip, the more you can enjoy it overall. Since this is one of the busiest times of the year, scheduling every aspect is important. According to statistics, 28.5+M people flew for the holiday in 2017. This means each airport around the country will be bustling with activity.

Book Flight Reservations in Advance

Thanksgiving trips for individuals and families have to be planned in advance. This is generally the best way to get the airfares that you want. Booking your reservations also takes the hassle out of this process for you. Another consideration for holiday trips is the possibility of seats being sold out. Groups flying together should focus on getting on the same flights through advance reservations.

Travel Only with a Carry-On

Everyone has been caught with too much luggage for their trips. This can certainly be a challenge when you are alone. One of the simplest ways to avoid having to struggle with heavy bags is to pack only one or two carry-ons. This is not only efficient but it is budget-friendly. You will avoid the cost of having to pay for checked bags. This also means you don’t have to wait for bags after your flight.

Register for TSA Pre-Check

Another terrific way to fast-track your holiday experiences are to register for your TSA Pre-Check status. This makes it quick and easy for you to go through security. Most often those who fly a lot during the year find this really convenient. It is necessary to fill out your application for this status and to also pay the necessary fee.

Avoid the Busiest Days

You may want to strategize when it comes to making holiday trips seamless. If it is possible to avoid the busiest days, you will enjoy the benefit. This can be done by either scheduling your departure a day or two early. The same strategy works for your return trip home. You may find that these flights are much cheaper, as well.

Get the Best Price with Parking + Hotel Package Deals

There are certain parts of your trip that will require confirmations. This is helpful whether you are thinking about your airport, parking, or hotel. Fortunately for you, there are great websites available to make this extremely easy and affordable. To plan out and reserve your airport parking go to and for opportunities to save by bundling both parking and hotel packages go to After you accomplish all of this you can focus on enjoying the time with your loved ones this holiday!

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