5 Alternative Locations for Spring Break

San Francisco Mission Dolores Park

Now that the excitement and sparkle of the holiday season has worn away and the white, fluffy snow has melted, it’s time to start planning your alternative spring break escape. Most spring break destinations cater to college students during their spring semester, but what family vacations are available at this time of year? Fear not! Here are the top five best alternative spring break destinations to escape to and enjoy with the family.

5.   Sedona | Arizona

A great option for families that want to get away from partying college students, Sedona’s striking red rock landscapes offer the perfect place to enjoy family hiking trips and picnics in the desert and provide a great alternative spring break trip. Known for its native Saguaro cacti, the unique town of Sedona has a thriving art community, with plenty of shops, spas, and galleries in the immediate area. If you are looking to explore unique trinket shops, we recommend the short drive into Scottsdale just south of Sedona, where you can buy your own mini-Cactus!

4.   San Francisco | California

San Francisco - Chinatown
Dragon Gate, Photo by Daniel Zimmerman / CC BY-SA

Heading over to California for your alternative spring break trip is also a great option for students, couples, and family vacations. Whether you are getting away with a loved one, taking the family to see the Sea Lions at Pier 39, or are a college student wanting to get away from the hustle and bustle of the beach, San Francisco is the place for you. Pier 39 offers the most trinket and attraction shops, as well as independent eateries, whilst Pier 33 gets you on to the Alcatraz boat tour and prison exploration. San Francisco is also known for its many hills overlooking the bay, and the famous Lombard Street that weaves downhill, bordered with many floras and fauna.

3.   Napa Valley | California

Napa Valley
Napa Valley, Photo by SD Dirk / CC BY

This one has something for everyone and is especially geared towards couples looking for an alternative spring break. If you’re feeling more sophisticated, hop in the car for a day trip up North to world famous wine region, Napa Valley, for a wine tasting. Interested in a more international experience? Head on down to Chinatown for a delightfully authentic tea ceremony. End your day by stretching your legs (and glutes!) and take a stroll in the surrounding hills.

2. Denver | Colorado

Denver Skyline
Denver, Photo by Sheila Sund / CC BY

Denver is a fantastic option if you are wanting a more adventurous spring break trip this year, with sprawling mountains, it is known for its jumping-off point for ski resorts, so perfect for the adrenaline junkie wanting to avoid busy beaches. This city is well known for its historical ties to the Titanic too, wherein the famed survivor, Molly Brown resided in her mansion. After exploring the ski slopes, why not head into town to view the ultramodern Denver Art Museum for a slower-paced afternoon?

1.   Nashville | Tennessee

Nashville - Broadway
Broadway, Photo by Mark Stephenson / CC BY-ND

If you’re more of a music buff who prefers cowboy boots, head on down to Nashville for your alternative spring break this year! Explore the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, where country legends have performed for decades. After dancing the night away, make sure to get a great big southern-sized helping of local favorites like fried chicken and biscuits at Loveless, or fried green tomatoes and banana pudding at Arnold’s Country Kitchen. Most importantly, end your night at any one of Nashville’s scores of music venues for the best live music experience in the South any night of the week.


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